Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Burp Cloth Pattern

Here is the link for the burp cloth pattern. I didn't follow the instructions though. I cut the two contrasting fabrics out to match the pattern, but I also cut a quilting batting to give them more thickness. I sewed all three pieces together like a pillow (batting, two fabrics right sides together) leaving a small gap to turn the fabric right sides out. I ironed the cloth flat at this point and sewed a zig zag stitch around the outside border to close the small gap and give them a nice finished look. Sorry I am bad at giving instructions. I should have taken pictures as I went, but you never think of that when you are doing it. Anyway, there ya go for those of you that want the pattern. Happy sewing!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Shootin' Guns and Burpin' Cloths

I know Random title, but it's been a random weekend. Brian and I tried to do the whole "lets go up the canyon and take pictures of all the leaves", but we were about 2 weeks too late. The leaves were brown and mostly on the ground. I was bummed, but luckily we took the gun with us to do some shooting. Of course Sergeant had to come with us and he loved being outside. Didn't love the target shooting so much, but at least we were only using pellets instead of real bullets so it wasn't too loud for him. The weather was so nice and it was the perfect day to go up there. Our first stop was at the top of the mountain. We live right by Kinicot Mine. (Not sure if that's how you spell it) It is amazing looking down into that thing. It is so crazy how big it is. Sergeant kept trying to go down the hill and I was so freaked out that we wouldn't be able to go after him because it was so steep. Luckily he always came running back.
This is just be torturing my dog. It was so funny we put the scope cover over his eye and he didn't mind it one bit.
Here Brian is lining up his shot. There is just something about a guy shooting a gun. Mmm mmm mmm!
Here I am trying to hold this heavy thing up. I couldn't lay on my belly because its getting kind of uncomfortable now so I tried doing it sitting. Notice how concerned Sergeant is.
Just another one of Sargie and I.
So now moving on to the Burpin' Cloths portion of my post. Funny story, I decided to make a bunch of burp cloths this weekend. I went to my mom's house and she helped me sew a whole bunch of them. I got home and went to show Brian and he said, "What are the giant maxi-pads for?" HA HA. I just about died. You have to understand that Brian is new to all this baby stuff. When I explained that they were for the baby for after you burp them and to protect your clothing from the spit up. He looked puzzled and said, "they puke that much?" Oh it is going to be so much fun when this little guy/or girl gets here. Here are the ones I made.
They are so easy to make so if anyone needs a pattern or instructions let me know. Thanks again Mom for your help, I love them!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Sorry no pictures, just my thoughts today!

I don't really have anything too exciting to blog about. The baby news the last blog has been the most exciting thing in our lives right now! The excitement is setting in and the anxiety as well. It is crazy to think that in just three weeks I am going to know the gender of this little one. Although, I may be wrong, but I am pretty sure it is a boy! Did anyone else out there have "a feeling" about what they were carrying and they were right? I've heard that the mother always knows, but you really have a 50/50 chance so who knows. I guess we will just have to wait and see. I really don't have a preference. I would love to have either one. I would love to tell you that the second trimester is already treating me well, but I still have been throwing up about every other day. But hey, at least its not EVERY DAY now! It has made working a little tricky. I recently was transferred to work up in Salt Lake and it has been interesting trying to act like everything is fine after I run to the rest room 4 or 5 times before 9 o'clock. At least working at American Fork everyone was so understanding and knew that I was pregnant so I was given the sympathy card a lot-which made me feel better. Working in a new environment, I am still trying to prove myself and make a good first impression. I don't want anyone to think that I am less capable to do my job just because I'm pregnant. Of course I am sure everyone is understanding, but its just the over achiever in me trying not to let the pregnancy affect my work. Although, the truth is it DOES affect my work. My every thought is surrounded by my little baby. Constantly running names through my head, nursery ideas. I can't help it, I'm SO EXCITED! 6 more months of baby building and I will be on my way to a nice 12 weeks vacation with the newest little member of our family. I can't wait.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Latest Project

After a few painting projects I have decided to venture back into the sewing world and make a bag. So I have always wanted to make a bag. I got busy the last few weeks and came up with this one:
Its a pretty good size bag and it has a lot of pockets and compartments to store things. I guess now I will need to buy some of these:
And as long as I am getting those, I better get some of these:
And this:
Because ya'll should know that I certainly didn't just spend hours and hours sewing that DIAPER bag for fun! I can't wait to find out the sex of our little one so the real crafting can begin!

P.S. We are due APRIL 18TH, 2010 and couldn't be more excited!

Alyssa's Wedding

My good friend, Alyssa got married today! Wha Hoo! I am so happy for her and Jeff. The wedding was perfect and the food was fabulous! She had her wedding at Le Jardin and I didn't get any pictures because I was in the wedding and I thought it might look strange if I was walking down the aisle snapping pictures the entire time-Even though I really wanted to. It was so pretty, and Alyssa looked so beautiful. I am so glad she found such a good man, Jeff is amazing. I am so happy for you two!
Ashlee and I at Market Street Grill enjoying some yummy brunch.
Who is that handsome man with me? Ooo La La!
My petite little Alyssa! You are so beautiful!