Saturday, September 26, 2009

Not too much to post about but...

Look at our new table!! I just love it. We were in desperate need for a new table for awhile (we were down to three chairs).With 6 chairs now we actually have enough room for guests. Last time we had friends over we had to go round up all the chairs in the house.

Well the past few weeks I have started up my crafting obsessions again. I have had a lot of baby showers the past couple of months and so I've been busy. So far I've made three picture frames and one shelf. I am so mad though. I forgot to take pictures of all the frames that I made. They turned out so cute. Here is a shelf that I made for my friend, AuBrie.
Its not a very good picture, but she really liked it. Today I spent most of the day working on my "Halloween Craft". The Wood Connection never fails me! I really wanted to make something for my door since its getting too late to hang my huge watermelon one I've had hanging all summer. I got a little creative on this one and put it all together.
The letters are kind of big. They are the kind that you buy and stand up on your counter. They were too cute though so I had to find a big enough background frame to fit them on. This thing weighs like 50 pounds! Ha ha. You can't really see the glitter but this thing is sparklin'! I did glitter all over the green, black letters, and stars and moons. I can't wait until Thanksgiving so I can get started on my hanging Turkey. Don't even get me started about Christmas! I need a separate closet just to store all this stuff I am making. I hope in future years I will still like it!

Well since I haven't posted about our little Sergeant in a while here is a funny video of him eating bubbles. I really shouldn't have let him do this, but it was so hilarious. Don't worry they were non toxic!

Here are some precious pictures of my little guy. I just love him!
Asleep in between my legs. And here he is falling asleep on our bed! This dog isn't spoiled at all.

Monday, September 7, 2009

30 is getting Closer!

Brian is almost there, but not this year. He turned 29 today, and I would like to wish him a "Happy Birthday!"Brian is the love of my life and I am grateful to have him in it. He brings me joy that no one else can. I don't know what I would do without him. He brings the perfect balance into my life and I just hope he knows how much he means to me.He always knows how to make me laugh, and his humor makes our lives together so fun. No matter what we are doing, we have a great time.
I love you honey and I hope that you have a great day!