Wednesday, November 24, 2010

7 Months!

Averie is 7 months old tomorrow. I am doing this post today because we will be busy stuffing our bellies tomorrow. Oh how I love Thanksgiving!

I just can't believe it has been 7 months since Averie was born! I know I say this every month, but the time really is flying by. I remember when I was 7 months pregnant. It felt like it took soooo long to get to that point. Now I have a 7 month old and I don't know how she got so big!

I haven't measured her this month. I will have to do it later and add it to the post. I think she is still around 15 pounds and 27 inches. Poor baby had the flu and lost some weight this month.
Well at month seven Averie is sitting perfectly on her own. She rarely wobbles .
She can turn in a complete circle on her stomach. Not quite crawling, but I'm sure she will figure it out soon.
Still isn't really rolling over. She will roll from stomach to back, but only when I'm not looking.
She has two teeth.
She feeds herself with the bottle which is everything I dreamed it would be.
She wants to feed herself food, which is everything I expected it to be...
She is getting to be quite the talker now. She babbles most of the day, but she does say Da da da da a lot. Although when she is really unhappy, it is definitely Mam or MA ma ma. It is the cutest thing. Of course whenever she says Da da, I correct her to say Ma ma :)
She loves her cousins so much. We stayed with my sister and her family this week and she loved being around her cousins.

She has a really good grip and she loves to grab anything she can get her hands on (lips, hair, dog's ears, etc).

She is just the happiest little doll and we love her so much!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ready? Set? BOWL!

Ha ha. I am so funny with my titles dontcha think? Ok so maybe not, but I laughed. A couple of weeks ago the Payne Family went bowling to celebrate my dad's birthday. It was everything I dreamed it would be and MORE. I tried really hard to get some good pictures, but I've discoved I'm not much of an action photographer. Here are a few highlights:
The whole crew. Notice AmyLyn's cute little Pregger self. New Baby Payne coming soon in 2011!

"Grammie" and her boys!

Miss Averie and I.

Holly and Ave.


Look at that form!

Good job AmyLyn!

These two don't look alike at all! You'd think they were cousins or something. I don't know, if Averie wasn't so much bigger, maybe they could pass for twins.

Issac was so cute. He got sooo excited when he knocked down the pins. What a cutie.
Possibly my favorite picture of the night. Evan is so excited and my dad looks so intense. I just love it. What a great night!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Best new skill ever!

Oh how I have been longing for this day!Don't get me wrong, I love feeding Averie. But sometimes I just need her to be occupied while I fix dinner or do a load of laundry. Her being able to feed herself has granted me many magical minutes.
She was so proud of herself she could hardly stand it.Here is just a random cute one because she is my favorite!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Does 6 months change everything?!?

So apparently once kids reach six months they completely change overnight! Just this week Averie got herself some nice chompers. Oh it was such a wonderful experience let me tell ya. Everyone has warned me about teething, but I bet their kids weren't recovering from shots and being weaned from breastfeeding at the same time. Lets just say this week has been a bit of a challenge. It also was a huge week at work for me, so I am just exhausted! Monday I took Averie in to get her shots and they went as planned. Well later that day she just started screaming and I could see the two little white culprits under her gums. Great timing! Well that night she woke up at ONE am and would not go back to sleep. It was awful. She was just so miserable and I was so stressed because the next day was really important for me at work. Well we got through it and now both of these babies have broke the skin. Wha Hoo!
I know I am horrible for taking a picture, but I am going to miss my toothless grin so I wanted to make sure I had a picture of them just barely coming in.
Well along with the teething, Averie has decided she wants to start moving. She hasn't quite figured it out yet-thank goodness-but she has the arms down. It's only a matter of time now before she starts crawling. I am going to have to start child proofing the house. I thought I would have at least a couple more months. She's not even rolling over for crying out loud!

One of my favorite changes. Check out this hair!Her hair is finally starting to fill in and it is getting so long! I love it. I can do pony tails now no problem. Pigtails don't quite work yet, but I'm sure they will soon.

I really don't want to be one of those whiney moms that just complains that her child is growing up, but I am a little sad this week. I am so grateful that she is healthy and that she is developing so well, but I am a little taken back that she won't be a baby for ever. Don't get me wrong, I am so excited to see her grow up, but I really have enjoyed the baby stage more that I thought I would. Oh well, that's life I guess.

We just love this little girl so much and don't worry, we don't always treat her like "white trash" baby and leave her in a diaper all night. She was just getting ready for a bath and she was being so happy for the first time all week I had to take some pics.