Sunday, July 12, 2015

Four Months

Four months have passed since Bryken was born and it just seems like he was just born.  Every day I look at him and tell him to stop growing but he doesn't listen.  Here are his weekly pictures:
13 Weeks

14 Weeks
15 Weeks
16 Weeks
As you can tell, this month was all about smiles.  Bryken is such a happy kid and he is smiling almost all of the time.  His little grin is just to die for.  All you have to do is talk to Bryken and he will give you a big ole grin.  Even if you don't talk to him, or even look at him, he will try to win you over with this smile.

Bryken is changing so much every day and he is picking things up like crazy.  He has started imitating this month and will stick his tongue out if you do.  He also had this little phase where he couldn't smile without sticking his tongue out.  It was so cute!

He has started to figure out his hands a little bit more and has started grabbing for toys.  He also figured out that he has feet now.  He tries really hard to get his toes into his mouth but his thighs are so chunky, it is hard to get his toes up to his face.

Check out these thighs!

Bryken is getting so much stronger.  He can pretty much hold his head completely up no when he is on his stomach.  He will roll back and forth but hasn't rolled from his back completely to his tummy.  He will occasionally roll from his tummy to his back, but luckily he isn't too interested in going anywhere yet.

Bryken still loves his baths.  He is a crazy man every time you put him in the water.  He is going to love to swim when he gets older.

I don't know if I am just paranoid, but it seems that Bryken has started the teething process.  He always has his hands in his mouth and he is drooling like crazy.  I don't think I am ready for him to have teeth yet.  I just love the gummy smiles.

Bryken had some baby acne that started a little while ago.  It was so sad.

Luckily it has all cleared up now and his skin is so clear.  People might think this is gross but I'm going to throw it out there anyway.  I heard that if you used breast milk on the acne it would clear up.  I tried it and it immediately started to clear up.  Who knew?

Bryken is getting to the point that he can sit up with help.  He is a little top heavy, but I think he will be sitting up before we know it.

We had the chance to spend some time with my sister, Kylee's family this month.  It is so fun that Bryken and Bennett are only 2 months apart.  I just know they are going to be the best of friends.

My sweet boy was never really interested in binkies, but that has quickly changed.  He loves his Nuk binkie.  It has to be the Nuk one.  He will not have anything to do with the others that we have.  It is kina nice that he will take the binkie now.

As you know I am married to a hilarious guy.  When he is watching Bryken I can always guarantee there will be some shenanigans.

Every time I see this picture, I can't help but laugh out loud.  Poor baby!

Remote? Check.  Binkie?  Check.  Bottle?  Check.  Life is good.

I was able to get some great pics of the kids together this month.  I just love them!

He had some fun with Mom and Dad too.

Bryken was able to celebrate his first Fourth of July.  He is a handsome little firecracker.
This is just the sweetest.
I just love my kids!

Oh the time is just going by too fast.  I love this little guy more than words can describe.  Here are a few more of my favorite pictures from this month.

Look how big he looks in his car seat.  Such a big little man. 
 I absolutely adore this face.  I was trying to get him to smile and this is what he gives me.  LOL.

I love this little tuxedo outfit that he has.  He looks so classy.  I just love it.

 I love you little B!