Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Opinions Please

I am trying to pick out bedding for the nursery and I am having a hard time making a decision. I have narrowed it down to two :) I really wanted to make the bedding, but fabric is sooo expensive and I haven't been able to find the exact fabric that I want. Plus there is all that work involved. This is what the room looks like now:My original plan was to go with bedding that wouldn't require me painting the room. I did this room a few months back and I love the way it turned out. I really don't want to paint it again.

I like this one, but it would require painting the room. Plus it is a lot cheaper.
This is my favorite. It is exacty what I envisioned when I was planning on making it myself. The only problem is, it is custom made which = very expensive$. I guess its not too bad considering some of the sets I have seen for over 300$, but we don't even have bedding in our bedroom that is as expensive as this set.
The think I like about this set is that you can change the fabric color if you want like this:
Anyway, help me decide! Which one, which one? Paint the room? Spend more money?

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Yup...On Friday night I joined 15 year old girls everywhere and stood in line for an hour to see New Moon. Am I ashamed? Nope. Did I LOVE the movie? Not really, but that could be just because out of the 4 books, New Moon was my least favorite. It was fun to see the book come to life, but of course the movie is never as good as the book. And P.S. they really should have potty breaks during the movie for us pregger women. Gees, maybe that's why I didn't love the movie! Anyway, I am just curious what my fellow Twilight fans thought. Did you like it? What was your favorite part? Let me guess, all the shirtless hunks. Am I right? *wink!*

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Horray It looks better!

Well its not exactly fixed yet, but at least it is where it is supposed to be...the BACKGROUND...Thanks for the tips. I think now if I can figure out how to get rid of the white background on my title I will be in good shape.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

OK all you Smarty Pants

Does anyone have any idea how to fix my blog? I have been pulling my hair out all night! Why, OH WHY, is my background only in the middle of the page? I am out of ideas...Anybody got some?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Is there something in there?

Ok for those of you that don't like reading about pregnancy, you better stop viewing my blog for a few months. Sorry, but this is what I want to post about! So today I had my first "stranger belly observer" encounter. I was at work and this nurse was looking at me and said, "Oh you have the cutest little belly!" It took me a second to realize that she was in fact talking to me and complimenting my now blatantly obvious bump. No more wondering if people just think I'm a little chunky. I guess the belly speaks for itself now!

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Verdict is In

Brian and I couldn't wait any longer and we decided to go get an Ultra Sound today to find out what the sex was of our little baby. I was 110% sure we were having a BOY, but boy was I wrong! Its aGIRL!

Here are some Pictures of our little sweetie. She looks like an alien in some of these, but I think she is an adorable alien.
Oh I was so wrong about her being a boy, but I am so excited that she is a girl!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Murder Mystery X2

This year for Halloween, Brian and I wanted to do something different. We got invited to a couple of Murder Mystery Parties. If you haven't ever done one, you really should. It was so much fun! The first one we did was with my friends, Brynn, Carlee and Reece. They did such an awesome job! The decorations were awesome and all the costumes were fabulous. I can't believe the work that went into this party. They even took group pictures like prom. It was so fun. When I get the pictures, I will be sure to post them. The theme was Medieval so this is a picture of "Sir Rufus" and "Maid Medusa".
Brian actually was the one murdered in the story. Here he is lying dead. Don't worry though, he only had to lay there for a minute and then he got to sit and watch.

The second party that we went to was up in Logan with our friends, Bryce and Amber. They also did a Murder Mystery Party. It was such a blast. They put so much work into the food, decorations, and the games involved. For this party Brian was the "Mayor" and I was "Ms Shugga Ann Flower-The Chef". Oh an P.S. I was the murderer. You would never suspect anyone as sweet and Ms. Shugga to commit such a heinous crime, but wha ha ha! I did it! I wish I would have taken more pictures, but at least I got one of us. Isn't Brian's costume great? It turned out so good!

Here are some pictures of this year's Jack-O-Lanterns. I don't know if you can tell what mine is, but it is supposed to be a pregnant Jack-O-Lantern. I know, kinda dumb, but also creative :) Brian got pretty creative too with the vomit looking guts coming out the mouth. Lets not talk about how much I wanted to vomit cleaning these puppies out. Yep folks, 16 weeks and still puking...E.V.E.R.Y. D.A.Y.
Happy Halloween All!