This is Us

We are the Anderson's.  Thank you for visiting our blog.  I figure if you clicked on this link, you must want to hear the whole story.  How about a couple of paragraphs?  Deal!  Brian and I met in 2003 on a blind date.  Let's just say it was love at first sight.  Brian was living in Logan at the time and I decided to move in with my sister, Kylee and her family who were living in Logan at the time (and they just happened to live two doors down from Brian.  Bonus!!)  Brian and I started dating immediately and everything was bliss for about 8 months.  
After the 8 months Brian  was informed that he was going to be deployed to Iraq for a year and a half.  This was one of the hardest things that we went through together.  Brian had to deal with going to war and I of course had to deal with being without him.  I am so grateful for the Lord keeping him safe while he was gone and keeping me sane, well mostly sane.
After Brian returned safely from his deployment, we started where we left off.  
 After another year or so of dating, Brian proposed at Temple Square just before Christmas in 2006.  We were married May 8, 2007.  It was definitely one of the best days of my life.  I really had the perfect day.  Everything went so well, it truly was my dream wedding. 

 After three wonderful years of marriage, I decided to let myself go and gained 45 pounds.
 Luckily, this sweet little thing made her way into the world.
 Averie Lee Anderson made her very late appearance on April 25, 2010.  She has been the most wonderful addition to our family.
I can't believe our little nugget is almost 2!
Here we are in 2012.  Life couldn't be better.  Brian has a great job in Sales and I am on my 6th year with Intermountain Healthcare.  Life is Bliss!



What a sweet fairytale! Love the story!

Emily said...

What a sweet fairytale! Averie is such a doll!