Sunday, November 8, 2015

8 Months

I feel like once your baby is 8 months old, they are starting to slip out of the squishy baby stage.  We are at 8 months but Bryken still is pretty squishy!

31 Weeks

32 Weeks

33 Weeks

34 Weeks

35 Weeks

You can probably tell from the pictures that Bryken is getting tired of having his picture taken on that blanket.  Only 17 more weeks to go!  I just wanted to get a picture of him every week for the first year to see how much he has changed.

Bryken has changed a lot this past month.  He is such a funny kid.  With how early he rolled over, I thought for sure he would be crawling by the time he was six months old.  He really has no interest in it.  He's pretty happy and content to stay on his blanket and play with his toys.  He can turn around and roll over but he hasn't mastered moving forward at all.  I'm pretty happy that he hasn't figured it out yet.

I wouldn't be surprised if he just started walking and skipped crawling.  He loves to stand and he is so strong.

He's such a cheese ball.  I had to get a picture of the tongue too.

He is pretty content on the floor for a little while but Bryken still loves to be held so I have very limited amounts of time that I can get things done.

Luckily I have Averie.  She is the best big sister ever.  She plays with Bryken constantly and is always picking him up when he is sad. I'm constantly yelling, "Be careful!  Don't drop him!"  It freaks me out so bad to have her pick him up, but she loves him so much, it's hard to be mad.

I love that at 8 months Bryken still loves his swing.  Averie never liked the swing so I am glad we are getting good use out of this one!  

Bryken has never been as good of a sleeper as his sister was, but we are finally making progress this month.  He has had a few nights where he has slept the entire night which is amazing.  He is so cute when we put him down.  He just grabs his blanket and pulls it up to his face, rolls to his side and falls asleep.

He has started sleeping on his tummy with his little bum up in the air.

Bryken loves to sit up as much as possible.  He starts to get mad if you lay him on his back, especially in the tub.  It makes bath time a little trickier, but he is much happier if he can sit up.

I am starting to wean Bryken from breast feeding because work has not helped me keep my supply up.  He is finally taking a bottle better from me, but he is so different than most babies.  He never really takes more than 4 ounces.  Sometimes he will take 6 and others he will take only 2.  It drives me crazy because I never know how much formula to mix up.  I feel like I'm constantly wasting it.

He is definitely going to be my picky eater.  Feeding him food is the biggest struggle sometimes.  Unless it is sweet potatoes or squash, he usually wants nothing to do with it.  He has started eating just what we are eating and that has been going much better.  Maybe he just doesn't like baby food.  Well with the exception of the two I mentioned before, he is a happy kid if he gets those.

 Bryken loves the camera and every time I get it out he is all smiles.  I can't get enough of this kiddo!

I couldn't pick a favorite of all these.  His big dimple smile is my favorite.

One of the new things Bryken is doing this month is putting his binkie in his mouth himself.  He sure loves his binkie and he always is pulling it in and out of his mouth.  Now if he could just figure out how to hold a bottle!

We celebrated Bryken's first Halloween this past month.  He was much more interested in eating the pumpkin than smiling for a picture.

I love this sweet boy of mine and am enjoying all the baby snuggles I can get while they last!

Happy Halloween

This year was such a fun Halloween!  When I asked Averie what she wanted to be for Halloween it was no surprise that she wanted to be a My Little Pony, specifically Fluttershy.  I decided that we would make a theme of it and all go as characters from the show.  Well all of us, except Brian.  There aren't many daddy My Little Pony characters.

Bryken got to be Spike the dragon and I was Twilight Sparkle.

These Halloween costumes were harder to throw together than I thought.  I love to make Averie's costume every year and I wanted to do the same for Bryken.  I found an adorable costume for Bryken on Pinterest and it even had a link to the pattern.  Unfortunately, the company discontinued the pattern.  I thought that maybe I could just find some lavender pajamas and make the costume that way.  It is amazing that when you have something specific in mind how impossible it is to find.  I could not find a single pair of plain lavender pajamas!  This was also true for Averie.  I wanted some pale yellow sweats.  Apparently both of those colors are hard to come by!  I finally gave up on making Bryken's costume and just bought the costume from the Pinterest lady's Etsy shop.  I am so glad that I did.  It turned out perfect and no stress of making it!  I did make Averie's and my costume so I felt at least a little crafty.

Isn't this wig perfect?  Averie had so much fun with her long pink hair.

Bryken was not thrilled about being a purple dragon.  His costume was so cute but he didn't want to give me any smiles.  He was still a cute crabby dragon.

Averie was able to get a little smile out of him, but this was really it for the night.

Much too interested in that terrible grass to look at the camera and smile.

How cute is he?!

I just love these two.

My parents were able to come up to see the kids and guard our house to pass out candy.  I am so glad they were able to make it.  It breaks my heart that they are moving to Arizona soon and this is probably the last Halloween that they will get to see the kiddos.  

I love this time of year.  Bring on the Holidays!