Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St Patrick's Day

We made sure to wear our green today so that no one would pinch us!  Did you?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Smile for the Camera

After purchasing my new camera, I was very excited to get some good pictures of Averie.  Unfortunately, when I pull out the camera, this is the face Averie pulls 99% of the time.

Stinker!  She HATES when I get the camera out.  I must have traumatized her as a baby because I took so many pictures of her.  Some day she will learn to like it!  The camera's not going away Sweetie.  Luckily with my hundreds of attempts, I have caught a few pictures of her looking happy.  Enjoy!

 Probably the best picture I have of her lately, smiling and looking somewhat at the camera.  Yup, she put the sticker on her nose herself.  She thought she was so funny.

 This night was hilarious.  Averie is obsessed with the Honey Bear Bottles.  We have to buy honey almost every time we go to the store so that she will behave.  This little episode happened when Averie got a hold of the Honey Bear.  She was sprinting around the house and would not give that bear up for NOTHING!  She literally took it in the bathtub with her that night.  Trust me it wasn't worth the fight!
I know that I say every stage is my favorite, but Averie is so fun right now.  How could you not help but laugh at this little diva?
She has so much personality.  She can be the most dramatized princess one minute and then just the sweetest angel the next.  She has really started talking up a storm lately and she says the funniest things!  My favorite is "Ow me bum!"  She started saying this when Brian was teasing her and he tapped her on the bum.  She is saying full sentences now and I can't believe how smart she is getting.  She is mastering her colors and she knows most of the ABC Song. What a smarty pants!  I can't believe we are almost to the Two year mark with this one.  Stay tuned for that update.  I feel a big post coming on.

Monday, March 5, 2012

You Likee?

The time has come to retire the Ol' Acura.  She was good to me, but her last trip to the hospital made me realize we needed an upgrade.Acura TSX
We did as the sign told us to, and bought us a Ford Edge.
 Isn't it perdy?  I just LOVE it!!

 It is a total Mommy Mobile, but I still think it looks good!  The white kind of suprised me.  I am normally not a huge fan of white vehicles, but this color has kind of that pearl shimmer to it.  It is really pretty in the sun.

The inside is so computerized and fun to navigate through.  Probably my favorite thing is the fact that you can change the ambient lighting.  I of course chose purple, because they didn't have pink.  I have to keep it extra girly so Brian won't be tempted to steal it.

 Averie's favorite thing is the HUGE sunroof.  It goes from the front of the car all the way to the back seat.  She just points up the whole way saying, "bird".  She is so much happier now that she can see out easier.  My back is so much happier getting her in and out of the back seat!  It will be much nicer when we decide to introduce another little Anderson to the family.  Plenty of room for two more.
Anyway, I just wanted to show you all my new car.  I hope you like it as much as me.