Friday, November 28, 2008

Give Thanks

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I love spending time with family, and all of the delicious food is definitely a perk! This year we spent the day at Brian's family in Tremonton. I was in charge of making the stuffing. I feel so grown up making such an important part of the meal. Fortunately, for everyone, it was edible. It wasn't as good as Mom's, but for a first attempt, it wasn't all that bad. After dinner, Brian, his dad, his brother, our niece, and me went shooting. Brian and I had an old computer monitor that needed to be put out of its misery. It is amazing how great needlessly destroying something feels.
Here is the monitor before:
Here it is after the first few rounds:

Here is Cierra shooting the 22 that she got for her birthday. (Keep in mind she just turned 9)

This is me looking super tough! Shooting Brian's 40 caliber hand gun. My ears are still ringing from shooting that thing.

This is Brian shooting the shot gun.

Oh good times. What a great day!

Monday, November 24, 2008


Hello everyone! Some of you may have noticed that I have not been updating our blog very often. My computer that I was using was really old and it was getting harder and harder to get it to work. Needless to say, I was very overdue for an update. Well today my Christmas present arrived! It is a wonderful laptop that actually works! Yay! I am so excited for this gift! With my new job, it was necessary to get a new computer so that I can work from home when I am on call. It was a great excuse for me to buy a new one.Well the past couple of months have just flown by. Brian has been working hard with school and his job. The semester is almost over and I am so excited to get to spend some time with him during the Holidays. My job is going really well and I am starting to feel comfortable. Sergeant and Mia are still doing great. Here are some cute pictures just for fun.So one day Mia and Sergeant just decided that they were best friends. I don't know how it happened, but now they sleep by each, play's amazing! Too cute though.

This is Sergeant's new way to sleep. He is so funny. He lays on his back like this all the time now. It is so funny to see him sleep this way. Ha ha... I don't know what I would do without the animals in my life. The happiness they bring is so worth the little naughties they are some times.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Tomorrow is my dad's birthday! I am posting this tonight because tomorrow is going to be really busy. I just wanted to post this and tell my dad how much I love him. We are so close and I am so blessed to have such a terrific dad. He has always given me everything that I wanted and there have been so many times he has bailed me out. Luckily, he has taught me responsibility so he won't always have to bail me out;) Happy Birthday Dad! You are the best!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Here comes the snow

So as you all have noticed, I have not posted in a while. This is due to one simple fact....Winter is almost here. I don't mean to sound negative, but what is so great about winter? I mean Christmas is great and all, but months and months of freezing cold weather? Give me a break. I am definitely living in the wrong state. Why all this negativity towards snow you may ask? Well if it took you an hour and forty-five minutes to get to work, you would be negative too! I am not exaggerating. It took me that long to drive to work yesterday, and it took me an hour and a half to drive home. That is over three hours of the day spent in my car. I love my car and all, but that is a little too much alone time in the car. Anyway, that is my big gripe for the day.
And people actually like this white stuff? So yesterday wasn't this bad, but you get my point.