Friday, September 19, 2008


I want everyone to count in their head how many cell phones they have gone through due only to misfortune. Not because you wanted a new one, but because you did something incredibly stupid and the phone was destroyed. Ok now that you have that number lets compare. Of the phones that I can think of off the top of my head, Brian and I have gone through NINE cell phones in 5 years! And that is without asking him, I just thought of the ones that I knew of. Out of the nine, six of the phones were mine. Oops. My latest mistake:
So I thought that I would finish off my Friday night with a nice relaxing bath. I was in the middle of having a text conversation with my friend Liz so I took my phone into the bathroom and placed it on the side of the tub. That was my first mistake. I was thinking the entire time, "Oh I really shouldn't have my phone this close to the tub full of water, but eh-" Well then here comes Sergeant (my dog) who has to sit in the bathroom when I take baths to try to drink the bath water. He starts sniffing around the tub and the next thing I know, he pushes my phone into the tub with me. Bad dog! I pulled it out instantly and dried it off. I have it sitting in a zip lock baggy full of rice right now, hoping that it will work tomorrow.

This phone wouldn't be such a big deal, but I broke my other phone about two weeks ago when I dropped it when it was open. The screen broke off. Oops. The phone before that was kneeled on by my dear sweet husband and the screen broke. Ooops. Two phones before that were stolen when my purse was also stolen.Oooops, Ooooops. Finally, the first phone that I had that broke was due to intense dialing. I must have pushed the buttons too hard, because they would get stuck or never work. Oooooops. (Brian's three phones' deaths were also all due to accidental submersion of water. )

Moral of the story? Don't ever spend more on a phone than you want to spend to replace it. If you are like me, just try to get your phones for free!


Matt and Amie said...

What a pain! I have had to go through a few phones and each time something happens Matt threatens he wont get me another phone! :)

Sarah Driscoll said...


Dogmom Diva said...

Carl and I get the boys hand me down phones, they upgrade and they give us their phones, we take them into verizon and have our stuff transferred..

I know for sure Scott has lost a couple phones due to 'immersion' and not a bath.. and one night he was driving to work had the window open and somehow his phone went flying down I-80 in Roseville, lol.

Dan, don't know he has not lived at home for years but I am sure he has gone through his share of them too...