Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's the 25th, you know what that means!

Birthday post time!
9 months?!?! Can it be? Yup, and 9 months brings a lot of changes for Averie. Here are her marks this month:

Weight: 18 pounds 10 ounces 46th percentile
Height: 28 inches 66th percentile
Head Circumference: 86th percentile (She has the "Payne" big head)

This month has been full of changes. Averie is getting so close to crawling. She scoots backwards and turns in full circles. She has even started getting up on her knees and rocking back and forth. When she is sitting up she will lean forward and get her knees under her. So close, I can't believe it!
With the new independence, comes new things that I am not so fond of.

1. No more snuggling. Averie wants nothing to do with it. In fact, she often wants "down" now.
2. Tantrums. She is so strong now. She kicks and arches her back and screams. Oh boy it is something else when you are used to having a really mellow baby. I am getting through it, but sometimes I get really frustrated with her. I just keep telling myself that she is too young to understand what she is doing and that it is just a phase.
3. Along the line of the tantrums, she gets super mad if you take something away from her that has caught her interest. So be careful if you give her something, you might not get it back! Like this comb for example.

Ok, enough with the negative, she is such a wonderful part of our lives and here are some fun things she is doing!

She is getting to be quite the talker. She makes sounds of pretty much every letter. She still says mom and da da. It is not just me that thinks she is talking. The other day she started getting fussy and said "MMMMOOOMMMM!" My friend that was with me said, "Did she just say Mom?". Yup that's my girl!

Here is a picture of her holding her fingers like I explained in last month's post. Finally got it on camera!
She has started this new thing where she scrunches her nose and blows in and out. It is adorable, but since she has a runny nose, there is snot everywhere. Lovely...

A face only a mother could love? Ha ha. She does the scrunchy nose thing when she smiles too.
She still only has two teeth. They are pretty much all the way up though.
She is terrified of public restrooms. I am pretty sure it started because I was changing her at a restaurant that had one of those automatic toilets. When I moved it flushed super loud. It was one of those super powerful flushers. Averie was hysterical. She was screaming and sobbing. It was so sad. People probably thought I was beating her in the bathroom. Ever since that experience she has started crying when I go into the bathrooms to change her. Poor girl.
Averie has started eating other things besides baby food. She pretty much is the best eater ever. She will eat ANYTHING you put in her mouth. She loves these new baby biscuits we got her. They are a mess though.
Averie, like most babies, loves being naked. I discovered this doing a little photo shoot. I wanted some pictures of her just wearing her leg warmers. The only time she really has been naked is in the tub so I didn't realize that she would think it was the greatest thing ever! I couldn't get very good pictures, as you can tell. She was all over the place. She is such a sweetheart and we just love her so much. I love being a mom and the past nine months have been so much better than the 9 months that I was pregnant! (Well technically 10 months, but who's counting). Thank you little girl for coming to our family! We love you!


Matt and Suzanne said...

OH! What a sweet, sweet baby. I love her faces they are just priceless. Grace is the same, she'll eat anything in sight.:) Silly girls. Oh and your pictures look great btw!

BoyackTidbits said...

Being a parent is the greatest! Every day something new. When they start realizing they can do things...their fight for independence can be....challenging! Enjoy!

Stephanie Salmon said...

Cute post. She is so adorable. I can't believe how much she and Mckinley look alike. Her little naked tummy looks just like Mckinley's! Mckinley doesn't throw tantrums, but everything else sounds about the same. Although I'm sure Averie is sleeping better than Mckinley. :)

Brynn said...

she is so stickin cute! she's going to be so beautiful!! yay for precious baby girls that rule the roost!

Jobi Niu said...

Kellie!!! I love her. She is soooo stinkin cute!! Her scratched nose when she smiles is to die for! :) I can't wait till I can do cute things w Oakley's hair!!

The Payne Family said...

She is such a fun little girl. She is changing so much, it's just crazy how fast time is flying. We sure do love her and her sweet little personality. You are so good and posting on all her fun changes and staying up to date. Way to go! We love you little miss Averie!