Monday, April 25, 2011

One Year

Today is such a bittersweet day! My baby girl is turning ONE! I can't believe how fast the year has flown by. I can still remember the day that she came into our lives. Motherhood has brought me more joy than I could ever expect! I have loved being a mom so much and I am so grateful that Averie has given me the opportunity to experience it! She has changed so much in the past year. Here are a few of my favorite pictures of her.
Our first family photo. I am so glad that my face is not quite as round as it was that day! Gotta love the effects of pregnancy.I miss the wrinkles. Here she is at four days old. My little "monkey". Can you believe I thought her eyes were going to be blue?!? Her big brown eyes are definitely her most complimented feature.
First smiles.Oh the hair! Thank goodness it has filled in!
See what I mean about those eyes? Gorgeous!
Such a happy girl!
Six Months
Super Grins. Love it.
Our favorite Averie face. Unfortunately, she doesn't do it any more...
Well now that Averie is a year old, lets get the final update on her!Weight: 20.4 pounds
Height: 30 inches
Head Circumference: 18 inches

This silly girl is starting to turn into just that, a GIRL. She is lacking most baby attributes.
She has started drinking whole milk and she loves it! I was nervous that she might have a reaction to it, but it has been smooth sailing. It is so much easier than formula too! The only thing I am worried about is her undying love for her bottle. She hasn't shown a lot of interest in sippy cups. I fear the day when we have to wean her. Every morning Averie has a melt down until she gets her bottle. It is pretty funny. She is hysterical until that bottle pops into her mouth.

Averie is no longer eating baby food. She eats anything and everything. She is a better eater than me. The only thing she is unsure about is tomatoes and tuna fish. I can't believe how much this girl eats! She has quite the appetite.

She is still not even close to walking. I think it will be awhile before she starts. She will walk holding on to things, but she refuses to stand on her own. If you try to let go of her fingers she either throws her head back or she lounges forward. It is a bad and good thing. My back wishes she would start walking, but I am grateful I don't have to chase her yet.

Averie's new thing is to point at everything and say "a dis?" or "a dat?" (what's this? what's that?) It is so cute. She always says "ya!" to agree with what you are saying. She also "barks" when Sergeant starts barking. Oh she is so much fun!

Averie has started hitting. Oh my gosh little stinker! She must have learned it in daycare, but if we tell her no she swings at us and says "eh!" Kinda cute, but what a naughty girl.

She is the craziest sleeper ever! We find her in the most odd positions. She will be in a crib for a long time because she would easily fall off a bed 20 times a night.She loves her puppy. Sergeant is so patient with her. He takes all of her abuse and is never mean to her. I wish I could say that Averie is never mean to him. We will just have to keep working with her.
We love our Averie girl! Life wouldn't be the same without her! Here are some Birthday pics compliments of Sunnydays Photography. They turned out so darling!

Well this is a long post. I will post pictures later of her party. We love you Averie girl! Happy Birthday!


Stephanie Salmon said...

One piece of advice I was given a long time ago is to give your baby a sippy cup long before you expect them to drink out of it! Mckinley played with hers like a toy and just chewed the top of it for a month or two before one day it finally clicked and she started sucking on it. Then it was another little while before she learned how to tip it up by herself to actually get the stuff out. She is a pro now, but it did take a while. I had no choice though, she refused bottles. I nursed her up until about 3 days ago and now she refuses to nurse. Which is fine with me. I was weaning her gradually anyway. Funny thing though, now that she does sippy cups, I gave her a bottle the other day (she is sick and we gave her warm lemonade to help her throat) and she totally took it! Too little too late.

Stephanie Salmon said...

PS. Forgot to mention I loved the long post and all the pictures of Averie. She is adorable! I love the last few, those bows with the ribbons are so stinking cute. Love the cake too. Mckinley's birthday is next Saturday and I still have no idea what I'm doing but it won't be much. :)

Matt and Suzanne said...

Happy Happy Birthday Averie! Oh my goodness all of her pictures make me melt. I can't believe she is already ONE! So crazy. Her photoshoot was a-dorable. I most definitely agree about her eyes, they are amazing!!!!

The Payne Family said...

Yay Averie! Happy Birthday sweetheart! I can't believe it has already been a whole year since you were born. And goodness, you have changed ALOT! We love you so much!

Kel... you did such a good job with her 1 year post. She really has changed so much and her 1 year pics turned out awesome! Love them!! I just can't believe she is so old! We sure do love that little girly girl!

Brooke Carroll said...

I can't believe she is a year old...what a beautiful girl. She is so precious and has such a bright, smiley face! Thanks for sharing those adorable pictures...I was just chuckling because they are so hilarious and cute. Hope you guys had a very special day with her!!!

Jobi Niu said...

I LOVE THE PICTURES!!! Seriously, AMAZING! She's adorable. Motherhood is the best huh? What a freakin cute Mom you are too! ;)