Monday, June 1, 2009

Lesson Learned

So here is a riddle for you all. What do you get when you mix a sleep deprived woman-that has worked way too many hours, a nice Sunday morning thought to cook her sleeping husband breakfast, and a pan of hot cooking grease?A NEW KITCHEN!

Ha ha, who would have thought that my stupidity would lead to some remodeling? I guess I have to tell the story, now...Its good to laugh at your mistakes right? Well anyway, Sunday morning I was on call and my first call woke me up at 6 am. Every time that I tried to go to sleep after that, I would get another call... Finally I gave up and decided to go to the store and get some stuff to make breakfast. Brian was still fast asleep so I was going to beckon him awake with my cooking. Little did I know how ironic that statement was at the time. I wanted to go outside the box of my normal waffle and eggs breakfast. I decided to make scones and a quiche. One problem...I had never made scones before... I had seen my mom do it a million times growing up.
Couldn't be that hard right?

Oh how naive I was! I called my mom to ask for a direction with cooking the oil. I had never cooked with it before and I was a little nervous. Well my dad answered the phone and told me just to put some in the pan and heat it up. Now here comes the stupidity. I was expecting the oil to boil so that I would know it was hot enough.

Um, HELLO! Oil does not Boil you Nim Wit!

Anyway, we will let that slide because I had never cooked with oil before... All of the sudden I noticed the house was getting really smokey. I opened the back door to air it out a little bit and I ran over to the stove. I noticed that the oil was rather smokey and most likely the perpetrator of all the smoke in the house. I went to turn the burner off, but it was too late. The entire Pan Burst into flames. I held my cool at first. I grabbed the box of Baking Soda and tossed it on the pan. "Mom would be so proud," I thought. Well darn-now I have to start all over with the grease cooking. I put the pot in the sink and decided that it would be a BRILLIANT idea to spray out the pan. Just as I did this The grease EXPLODED into flames up to the ceiling and grease EXPLODED all over me and the floor-not to mention catching the floor on fire! I started screaming because of the pain but also because MY FREAKING KITCHEN WAS ON FIRE! Soon enough the smoke alarm went off and Brian (my knight in shining undies) ran downstairs. He found me holding the flaming pot with the oven mit on fire. I think I was in shock because I didn't realize I was just standing there. He yelled at me to put the pot in the sink and by some miracle he got the fire out. I was hysterical to say the least. All I could think of was that my house was ruined and I was going to need plastic surgery. (I was being a little dramatic, the burns aren't that bad) After several sobbing minutes, I finally calmed down enough to inspect the damage. There was grease EVERYWHERE! It was on the walls, the fridge, the ceiling- I am still finding the grime that we missed. I don't know how I didn't burn the house down, but it wasn't without effort. The damage isn't too bad, but we will need to replace the floor and paint the ceiling. The light fixtures are going to have to be replaced also. I think if we go through the effort, we might as well do the entire kitchen to make it look nice right? We are needing some ideas though. We have light light brown cabinets and we are thinking of sanding them and antiquing them. We also want to do tile and maybe some new appliances. Any thoughts?


Brynn said...

OH THAT SUCKS!! But sweet at the thought of a remodeled kitchen though. I'm glad you weren't hurt to much- that reeeeeally could have turned bad. (okay, worse) I like the idea of the destressed cabinets and go for BIG tiles on the floor- those are just beautiful. Do a lot of picture hunting for what you like and go from there- has good ideas.

Mark and Mandi said...

Kel...thanks for making me laugh..ALOT! You are too funny. Everyone loved that you were on call though :D

The Payne's said...

Oh my heavens... that totally sucks! I'm so sorry that happened but hey, now you get a new kitchen out of it. Score!!

Fostervision said...

seriously, if you had wanted to remodel all you had to do was say something...!!!!!! I'm glad you didn't burn the house down and don't need plastic surgery, that would have stunk!

Butler Family said...

Kellie im laughing my butt off!! I have done something similar to that so know that you're not the only one!

Dogmom Diva said...

Kellie! You are not alone..I have never set the kitchen on fire, but in 32 years I have done some bonehead things..Can you say frozen meat with the metal tie...FIRE! Can you say running the water in the sink til it goes all over the kitchen floor several inches! Hey I got a tile floor about 8 years ago in our Claremont house, we had parquet wood tile floors they dont do well with water... out of that one. Then I keep filling the kitchen sink too much and have done it again several times since..IDIOT. well its a hard way to mop i tell you that.

Im glad you weren't badly hurt and it could have been so much uglier..I like the idea of antiqued cabienets, you could go with a Tuscan theme??