Sunday, December 27, 2009

I did it!

6 months BABY! I am getting closer and closer every week!

I wish I could say, "Oh this is going by too fast!" but really I am not the most patient person in the world. If I had it my way, we would only be pregnant for six months. I mean do we really need 9 (well actually 10) months to prepare? Well I guess it is a good thing I still have a few more months because we are not completely ready. I am enjoying this stage much more than the first 5 months though. I am not puking nearly as much as I was. I love the feeling of feeling her move around in my belly. It is the most amazing feeling. She is a very active little girl. Come on Volleyball player! It is funny to see how her personality is developing even though she hasn't even been born. For example, she hates the ultrasound machine/doppler. Everytime I have had an ultrasound she turns her back to the probe. Which explains why I do not have a single good ultrasound picture of her. Whenever they check the heart rate in the office she starts kicking and moving like crazy. It is so funny because it is so loud on the doppler and they always have a hard time finding the heartbeat. She also is following her dad's suit with being a night owl. I'm sure a lot of babies are this way but I like to compare her to her daddy. She really starts getting active around 8-9 o'clock at night. She likes to bounce off my bladder about 4 times a night so I am constantly up. She usually sleeps in because I don't start feeling her until about 10am. (I hope that trend stays)
Now if only we had a name for her! Naming a child is very hard! I always had my "names" growing up, but its amazing how quick my mind has changed on them. Right now we have two names picked out, but we can't decide! I just keep waiting for some revelation to tell me that "yes, that is the name", but nothing... We may have to just wait until she is born before we decide.
Well I could honestly bla bla bla all day about being pregnant so I will cut it short. Its just such a neat experience and I would highly recommend it:) Ha ha. Only 16 weeks to go!


BoyackTidbits said...

I remember those feelings. This is a great time for you...soak it all in. It will be over soon and you won't be able to remember ever NOT having her around.

You look great! You will love being parents.

Shari and Trent said...

I know what you mean! I am not a patient person either and so I felt prego forever! Just wait until the last couple of months, it will go my SO slow when you are so anxious for them to come!

The Payne Family said...

You are so blasted cute pregnant! Your little belly! That name thing has got to be hard... I have so many names that I like too but it's crazy at how they are always changing. I really liked that name you guys had mentioned earlier (I won't say it just in case it's a surprise). I can't wait to meet your sweet little girl. You look great!

jayni & ben said...

you are TINY. I am showing more than you. MY goodness. I hate that. Oh well it is what it is :) Maybe it is because I don't get sick and throw up... So I guess I should call myself lucky. Anyway... you are such a cute little pregnant women. Love it!! 6 months is far. I have 6 months to go..

aShLee said...

you are so cute!!! we need to have a girls night again!!! I also need to get your address :)

Matt and Amie said...

Kel you look so great!! I am glad you are feeling better! I am excited to see pics of this cute little girl when she arrives!!!