Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Late Anniversary

Thanks to my wonderful sister in law, AmyLyn, and my brother, Andy, Brian and I were able to celebrate our three year anniversary. They were sweet enough to watch Averie for a few hours so that we could go out and celebrate. We started out the day by going to a matinee movie. We went and saw the new Robin Hood movie. Don't waste your time with this one. It was not worth seeing. There was a lady sitting next to me that was snoring the entire movie just to give you an idea of how boring it was. After the movie we headed to Tuscany for dinner.Brian and I have a tradition to go out to a fancy restaurant on our anniversary. Tuscany did not disappoint! It reminded me a lot of La Caille restaurant, but it was about half as expensive. It was really nicely decorated and the food was amazing. We are big fans of Italian settings so it was easy to please us!The only complaint I have about the restaurant is that the salad that I ordered was disgusting. You know when you go to a fancy restaurant and the waitress is describing an item on the menu that is in another language? Well this waitress at Tuscany was describing one of their specials. I can't even tell you what the salad was called, but the way she described it sounded really good. She was explaining that it had organic tomatoes that were really sweet and it was delicious. I am not the hugest fan of tomatoes, but as long as they are cut up and served with something else, I will eat them. Well imagine my surprise when my "salad" came out and it was nothing but tomato slices! Oh it did have this weird goat cheese on it and some minty leaves. Not only that, but it was 13 dollars! I actually did try eating it, but I just gagged with each bite. Brian thought it was hilarious. When the waitress wasn't looking, Brian and I switched plates so it would look like I ate the salad. Ha ha. Other than the salad, my meal was amazing! I had an oven roasted chicken meal with mashed potatoes. I know, not real Italian, but it was soooo good. It was so nice to celebrate our Anniversary. Thanks AmyLyn for watching our angel. We really appreciate it!

Speaking of my little angel, Averie is 3 weeks old today! I can't believe it! Time just flies by, and I love every minute of it. Averie is such a good baby. She hardly ever cries. She has not been sleeping the best through the night, but that's expected right? She just likes to wake up every three hours and eat. 5 am is her favorite time of day. She wakes up and doesn't like to go back to sleep. I usually end up letting her sleep next to me in bed just so she will go back to sleep. I'm pretty sure that is a bad habit to get into, but for right now it works. She has discovered her tongue this past week. I have been trying to get a picture of it, but haven't been able to catch her sticking it out when I have the camera. It is so cute. She is constantly sticking it out! Other updates that were not mentioned last week is that she now weighs 7 pounds 11 ounces and is almost 21 inches long! She is growing like a champ. I love my Averie girl. Here she is in her new dress, we are attempting church today so we will see how it goes!


Fostervision said...

oh she is DARLING!!!! I can't wait to see her!

BoyackTidbits said...

Happy late Anniversary! You're little one is a sweetheart...I have to get over to see her and spoil her!!!

5 a.m. is a VERY popular time for little ones...being a parent is unbelievable.

The Payne Family said...

She is perfect Kell. Thanks for letting us watch her. We sure did have fun. I'm super behind on posting but hopefully I can get the pics we took of her up soon. Let us know when you want us to watch her again. And Happy Anniversary!! I'm glad you guys were able to go out, even if you did see a crappy movie and ate a tomato salad! :)

Brynn said...

adorable adorable! yea no worries on her sleeping in bed with you until she's at least 4 or 5 months... thats when we started tae in her crib- (basinet in our room til then) and then even after that she would take naps with me when i desperately needed a nap too... so don't stress! (yet) ;)

congrats on your anniversary! and thanks for the heads up on robin hood. dissapointing but good to know. we'll just rent it. thats funny about your salad- i hate it when that crap happens.