Sunday, August 22, 2010

Well Howdy howdy howdy

My sister, Kylee and her husband went up to Jackson this weekend and left the boys with my parents. I thought it would be a good time for all of us to get out of the house and go see the animals at Thanksgiving Point. Issac and Evan just loved it. They were so excited to sit on the "wheelchair".
Averie wasn't quite as excited to sit on it, but we got a pic anyway.
The boys just loved the baby chicks. It was so funny while we were watching these little guys one of them ran full speed into the side of the wall. I don't know where it thought it was going, but it was pretty surprised when it hit that wall.The first stop was feeding this guy. I don't think it was a lama, but it looked like one so that is what I am going to call it. It was pretty eager to get the corn from us. He took a nip at my dads arm when we walked by. He was pretty selfish too. Every time the sheep came near us to get some corn, he would chase them away.
Next up was the pony rides. Evan looked like this the entire ride. He LOVED it. He kept waving and saying, "Howdy, howdy, howdy!" What a silly kid.Here's Issac. He rode all by himself.Check out this guy! I don't know how he sees through that hair!
The last stop was the pig pen. Oh my it was smelly. I really had to hold my nose while we were over there. They are such disgusting creatures. Each one would go to the water to go to the bathroom. Then they would get a drink. It was disgusting. Amazing that they are so close to humans anatomically. Here the boys are in "jail".
Twinner Cousins. So glad I didn't have twins. It would be so hard to always have your arms full. These two would make it easy though. They are such good babies!
Our cute little family.
Grandma and Grandpa and the "three little pigs". Ha ha. Those are pig ears on the kids if you can't tell.
Averie was so tuckered out. I can't wait until she is a little older and actually notices the animals. She didn't seem to care much about them this time around. Maybe next year.


Kylee said...

Thanks for posting this Kel! Looks like you guys had a ton of fun!

Brooke Carroll said...

Awww, such dang cute pictures! So much fun, I hope you guys are doing awesome. Averie is SO beautiful...she is going to be a little heart-breaker someday!

Brynn said...

super fun pics-- you look GREAT! seriously- you're just back to normal pre baby, like it was nothin! LUCKY BUTTHEAD!

The Payne Family said...

Looks way fun Kel! I would be scared to have twins too! Let's hope that doesn't happen :) Averie is cute as ever and the boys looked like they have a blast!