Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tonight is the Night

Tonight is the most important night of Television History. Tonight is the season premieres for Grey's Anatomy and the Office. Oh my gosh, I just watched to preview for Grey's Anatomy and I got chills. McDreamy better not die or I am not watching the rest of the season! I am excited for Office too, but lets be honest, Grey's Anatomy is way more important!


The Payne's said...

Whatever!! Office all the way :) Maybe I should actually watch an episode of Grey's Anatomy... that's an idea... before I judge it!! haha I'm excited too for the new season.

AuBrie and Russ said...

I agree. No more Grey's for me if Derek dies. I will probably end up calling you during the episode cause I'll be so mad if he does. You are awesome and I am so mad your last day is tuesday. Maybe I can talk J. . . into making you stay longer!!!! HAHA

Jobi Niu said...

KELLIE!! I didn't know you had a blog.. I saw yours on Annette's. How the crap are you? You're so pretty!