Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Little trip to San Fran!

San Francisco or "San Fran" as we nicknamed it, was a pretty interesting place. From the beautiful sites, To the interesting street corners,(Yes those are abandoned red boots, which by the way they were not a complete set later that day. Who would take just one boot?)

Yes, it was a fabulous vacation. My cousin Suzie was getting married last weekend and we decided to take a "girls only" trip to California. I went with my Mom, my sis, and my sis-in-law. We had the absolute best time! We flew in Thursday and conquered Californian traffic with our best friend "Garmin". Even though she spoke with an English accent and would say things like, "bear right", we still loved her! Do not attempt to tour your way around California without one of these. This thing saved our butts. We really don't know what traffic is here in Utah. I will take my I-15 traffic anyday. California traffic was NUTS! It did not matter what time of day it was, traffic was RIDICULOUS! Remind me to never move there.

I took this picture so I could remember how miserable the traffic was. Just in case I get sick of freezing cold weather, I will forever remember how much I hated the roads in the warmer region of the country. This picture does not even do it justice, but it gives you an idea. Thanks Ky for driving. I was just a couple months short of 25 so my sister had to drive the entire trip.

As soon as we drove past our fabulous hotel (in the ghetto), we decided to venture up to Muir Woods National Park. IT WAS AWESOME! I loved Muir Woods! It was so beautiful. I have always had this dream to go to see the Redwoods since I was a little girl. Here I am using no common sense and sticking my entire arm up a hole in a tree.
If I would have known these little guys existed, I would have never done that! GROSS!
I really wanted to find a tree that I could fit in and take a picture. Here I am being naughty sneaking off the trail to take a picture in the tree. Little did I know, the trees would get much bigger.Big enough to fit all of us in one in fact.
It was such an awesome experience to see such amazing trees! I know, trees are exciting? Yes they are! After Muir Woods, we decided to stop at Muir Beach. It was such a gorgeous beach. Freezing, but beautiful. P.S. San Francisco is not the warmest part of California.
Friday was the wedding and we got to "experience" Oakland. Don't get me wrong the temple was AMAZING, but Oakland on the other hand...um can we say scary? Here is the temple:I didn't dare take too many pictures of Oakland because I was worried that we might get car jacked. We did our best to fit in. We slid our seats way back into the back seat and we bumped our heads with the bass of our "gansta rap music". :) I wish I had a picture to illustrate my point, but I didn't want to get shot. Seriously though, I would look over at people driving a busted down Buick with huge chrome wheels and there would be no one driving! Oh wait, he's just got his seat pushed back so far that it looks like no one is driving...my bad! It was pretty funny.

Saturday was a pretty cold day, but we toughed it out and drove to San Jose to see the Winchester House. It was a crazy house. For those of you that have never heard of it, it is this huge mansion that a woman designed to confuse the spirits in her house. To me it just looked like crappy carpentry, but if there were ghosts in that house, I don't know how they found their way around. There were doorways that led to nothing, stairs that went into the ceiling. The woman was nuts. The woman did have taste though. I absolutely loved the walls and hardware throughout the house.

Our final stops of our vacation led us to Fisherman's Wharf and Lombard St. Fisherman's wharf was ok, but it smelled a little fishy. Imagine that!

We got some good shopping in and saw some Sea Lions. They were so fat and lazy. My oh my. The sea lions that I saw in Cabo must have had it a little rougher in the wild. Just look at the difference. Some body must be getting fed by the tourists.

The "fend for yourself or be someone else's diet" diet

The "this is the life, some one please feed me" diet
(Which would you chose?)
We were not able to go to Alcatraz, but we did get to see it from a distance. Crazy, I had no idea it was so close to the shore. I mean it is out there, but it doesn't look that far away.

This is Lombard St, the curviest street in the world. It was so fun to go see, but I really wish they would have blocked it off for pictures. Traffic was ugly. I couldn't snap a picture with no cars in it to ruin it. Oh well, I guess that is why they have postcards!

Sorry to blog an entire novel, but that concludes my vacation to San Fran. It was so much fun! Thanks for going with me girls, you made it so awesome!


Anonymous said...

This blog is awesome sweetie! Love Brian

The Payne's said...

Yay for San Fran! It was so much fun getting away and having a girls weekend. We need to do it more often... hopefully somewhere warmer :) Thanks for the awesome trip Kel!!

Butler Family said...

That looks like so much fun! I need a girls only weekend. I loved the post, you took awesome pictures!

Fostervision said...

I love San Fran! And Oakland temple is where Dan and I got married...what fun memories!

Jolley Fam said...

Ah that brings back memories... I used to live in northern Cali- by Sacramento- and we'd take random San Fran trips... always interesting- looked like fun! Its def nice to get away from Utah once in a while