Monday, April 27, 2009

Any good Cameras out there?

So I don't know if I am just a horrible photographer, or if my camera just bites, but I swear my pictures I have been taking lately have not been that fantastic. Most of them have been turning out blurry. My hands shake pretty bad-Payne Family DNA- and I am sure that is part of the problem. I want to know of some good cameras out there. Does anyone know of any that take great pictures and don't cost a fortune?


Chelsey said...

I'm sorry that I don't have any input, I was wondering the same thing!

Jolley Fam said...

My camera started crapping out on me too- everytime I zoomed they came out blurry. Technology is progressing so fast- our old crap breaks just so that become forced to upgrade and move on... oh and heck yes I'll be at Reece's partay. You better be there- I don't know any of the yahoo's going so yeah... cute blog by the way! :)

Dogmom Diva said...

I have a kodak 1033 that I like a lot...not too expensive and small, purse sized..i like it..