Sunday, November 1, 2009

Murder Mystery X2

This year for Halloween, Brian and I wanted to do something different. We got invited to a couple of Murder Mystery Parties. If you haven't ever done one, you really should. It was so much fun! The first one we did was with my friends, Brynn, Carlee and Reece. They did such an awesome job! The decorations were awesome and all the costumes were fabulous. I can't believe the work that went into this party. They even took group pictures like prom. It was so fun. When I get the pictures, I will be sure to post them. The theme was Medieval so this is a picture of "Sir Rufus" and "Maid Medusa".
Brian actually was the one murdered in the story. Here he is lying dead. Don't worry though, he only had to lay there for a minute and then he got to sit and watch.

The second party that we went to was up in Logan with our friends, Bryce and Amber. They also did a Murder Mystery Party. It was such a blast. They put so much work into the food, decorations, and the games involved. For this party Brian was the "Mayor" and I was "Ms Shugga Ann Flower-The Chef". Oh an P.S. I was the murderer. You would never suspect anyone as sweet and Ms. Shugga to commit such a heinous crime, but wha ha ha! I did it! I wish I would have taken more pictures, but at least I got one of us. Isn't Brian's costume great? It turned out so good!

Here are some pictures of this year's Jack-O-Lanterns. I don't know if you can tell what mine is, but it is supposed to be a pregnant Jack-O-Lantern. I know, kinda dumb, but also creative :) Brian got pretty creative too with the vomit looking guts coming out the mouth. Lets not talk about how much I wanted to vomit cleaning these puppies out. Yep folks, 16 weeks and still puking...E.V.E.R.Y. D.A.Y.
Happy Halloween All!


Brynn said...

HA! The preggo pumpkin is awesome!!!
Sucks you're still upchucking :( I'd say it'll pass... but I'll bite my tongue. :)
I tagged the KNIGHT pics on facebook and I'm still waiting on the others from Reece. Should be some gooduns!

Fostervision said...

LOVE the pictures! YOur pregnant pumpkin is totally creative, I never think of anything like that...except one year I was a preggo skeleton with a baby skeleton waving hi from my belly. That's as good as I get.

Butler Family said...

I've never done the murder mystery dinner but it looks really fun. I LOVE the pumpkins

BoyackTidbits said...

Fun! Uncle Chuck and I went on a Murder Mystery in Sacramento on a boat. It was really cool. As far as the 16 week marathon will be worth it...promise! Funny how some people throw up and some don't. I'm so excited for you guys!!!

Dogmom Diva said...

Great costumes Kellie, we have never really done anything for halloween, I'm glad Scott, Lainie and Dan get so creative and love it so much..

Love the pumpkins..

Matt and Suzanne said...

Looks like fun! You're so good to dress up, we were no fun this year. Awesome costumes!