Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ready? Set? BOWL!

Ha ha. I am so funny with my titles dontcha think? Ok so maybe not, but I laughed. A couple of weeks ago the Payne Family went bowling to celebrate my dad's birthday. It was everything I dreamed it would be and MORE. I tried really hard to get some good pictures, but I've discoved I'm not much of an action photographer. Here are a few highlights:
The whole crew. Notice AmyLyn's cute little Pregger self. New Baby Payne coming soon in 2011!

"Grammie" and her boys!

Miss Averie and I.

Holly and Ave.


Look at that form!

Good job AmyLyn!

These two don't look alike at all! You'd think they were cousins or something. I don't know, if Averie wasn't so much bigger, maybe they could pass for twins.

Issac was so cute. He got sooo excited when he knocked down the pins. What a cutie.
Possibly my favorite picture of the night. Evan is so excited and my dad looks so intense. I just love it. What a great night!


The Payne Family said...

That was a really fun night! (Not one of my more attractive nights but still really fun) And it was so fun to see how excited the boys got. They did so well. And of course, you and Averie are as gorgeous as ever!!

Beyman's said...

It was good to see pictures of your mom and dad! Haven't seen them in a long time!