Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The difference between men and women

So for those of you that have seen Averie lately, you probably have noticed she is HUGE! January brought on a huge growth spurt and my little baby has some how turned into a miniature toddler. She is already in 12 months clothes and they are already starting to get tight on her. We decided that at almost 20 pounds, our little munchkin is getting too heavy to carry around in her car seat. Over the weekend we upgraded to this:
Now this post was actually meant to tell a funny story of while we were shopping for this thing. At first Brian was a little reluctant to go shopping for a new car seat because, "we already have one." A common response from the Y chromosome. To prove my point of the differences between genders in shopping for baby things I will tell you about my observation of another couple that was shopping for a car seat the same day we were:

Wife: (As the husband is looking at some of the car seats) "Now we can't get that car seat because it is forward facing."
Husband: "Why can't she be forward facing?"
Wife: "Because she is too young and needs to still be rear facing."
Husband: "Well why can't we just use the one we have then?"
Wife: "Well because she's outgrown it."

Husband rolls his eyes and sighs.. I am trying not to laugh as I am eavesdropping. It just seemed like a very familiar conversation. Their discussion went on to they style of the car seat and it was pretty funny as well.

Wife: "Oh this one has purple flowers! Lets get this one."
Husband: "We're not getting that one. We are getting one that is black so that we can use it for when we get a son."

Oh it just made me laugh knowing that Brian is not the only one that thinks the way he does. I would just like to add that I would never buy a car seat with purple flowers which proves not all women think alike.


Stephanie Salmon said...

Wow, that is a huge growth spurt! I'm going to put off buying that forward facing seat as long as possible because I still use her car seat as a portable crib for her to take naps in when we're not at home. :)

The Payne Family said...

Holy cow... boys are all the same!! I think I've had this exact same conversation with Andy. And I totally agree with you.... purple flowers?? NO WAY! Not all girls are the same :)

Suzanne said...

Ha ha, this is entertaining. SO SO true. I am lucky if I actually GET matt to go shopping though. :) I am with you on the purple flowers. Anything priced over $30 has got to be unisex! Love this!