Friday, March 25, 2011

11 Months

We are getting so close to that year mark and I can't believe it! I have an ELEVEN month old!

Here are Averie's measurements:
Weight: 18.8 pounds
Height: 29 inches

I can't believe how big she is getting, but my lower back can! Sheesh, this girl is getting HEAVY. She sure is cute and doing oh so many adorable things lately. Here are her latest achievements:
She does the cutest thing with her binky now. She always has her finger or thumb in it holding it in place. I dread the day that we have to say, "Bye bye Binkie!" It is such a life saver.
Averie has given up on crawling and now pulls herself up to everything. Here she is teasing poor Sergeant outside. Notice how dirty my glass door is now. It is going to be impossible to keep it clean.
Here she is by her bouncy toy:
She has figured out how to walk with her toy. I get super nervous when she goes near the wood floors because she gets going super fast.
This little one has figured out how to imitate her mamma. I don't know what she is trying to tell me, but she thinks everything is a phone now. She proudly holds anything electronic up to her ear like a phone. I didn't think I was on the phone that much, but apparently she knows what they are for.
She also imitates me when I put my hand on my head.
Just this morning she was brushing her face with one of my makeup brushes. It was absolutely the cutest thing ever!
Averie gets really excited and claps and throws her hands up in the air. It was hard to capture, but you get the idea.
Averie is going everywhere! She got stuck under the chairs when I was mopping the floor. Poor girl!
Much to my dismay, she has started climbing the stairs. So scary! I hate it. We need to get another gate for the bottom of the stairs. If she is left alone for 5 seconds, she is half way up the stairs.
Here are some more of my mischievous girl.
She wanted to get in the kennel with Sergeant.
This girl loves her puppy. Sergeant is so patient with her too.
I know I always comment on the hair, but check these out! So crazy!
This was after she just woke up. How does she sleep?
I was just having fun with her on this one:
Averie is starting to get a little more attached to mommy and daddy. She definitely is getting into that "stranger/danger" phase. She warms up after a few minutes, but she is always weary at first.

She is starting to talk more and more. She says, "Mamma, Dadda, Yes, This, Ya, and Ooof (Woof-for what does the dog say?)"

She eats most everything! She still loves her bottles, baby food and anything Brian and I are eating.

She is not walking, but she is cruising around the furniture.

She is getting so lovey. She gives hugs and kisses (if you are really lucky)

She is just so much happier than she has been. She is finally feeling better after 2 months of being sick. Just look at this smile!
She definitely is a doll. Averie we just love you so much!


The Payne Family said...

Ok...11 months?? Where has the time gone? I'm lovin Aves at this stage. I love the phone thing... so cute! And her crazy hair is the best. But my favorite thing... she ALWAYS has her tongue out when she is a happy girl. Love that!!

Suzanne said...

I could to eat her. Love all of that personality! What a gorgeous girl, and her little ruffle bottom is too cute!