Sunday, April 3, 2011

First Trip away from the Babes

This weekend was my first weekend away from my Averie girl. I left Friday to go here: (Moab)
To play this:
I had such a good time! I went with my friend, Jana, and we left Friday around One. We got to Moab about 5 and the tournament started around 6. We played until about 10 that night. The first night we did awesome! We won all of our games. Well the next day we started playing at SIX in the morning! I don't know what they were thinking starting that early. Needless to say, we didn't do so well that morning. We lost two of our games, but won the last one. We ended up taking third I think for the "losers" bracket. Kinda disappointing... Oh well, we still had fun!
The weather was just heaven! Here is a pic of me, Destin, and Jana enjoying the sunshine between games.This is Trey, he wasn't on our team for this tournament, but I usually play with him Wednesday nights. He was showing off his "glove/shoe" running shoes. So weird! They were the most interesting pair of shoes I have seen in a while!Well we ended up getting done around six Saturday night (yes, that is twelve hours of volleyball). Of course we didn't play the entire time, but it was still exhausting! I sometimes feel like I am 50 years old after I play, but this weekend made me feel like I am 90! What happens to our bodies that makes physical exertion so difficult? I kind of feel like I got hit by a bus! Anyway, our plan initially was to stay Saturday night and go to the Arches on Sunday. We ended up driving home Saturday night because we were so exhausted and we were worried about the weather on Sunday (well I was a little home sick too, I'm not going to lie).

It was so nice to get home early to recover and sped time with my sweet hubby and little one. I missed them so much! I had to post this picture of Ave and me. No I didn't plan the matching outfits, but its pretty cute huh?! It was nice to get home early so that we could enjoy watching conference together. I won't lie, I did get a little sleepy during the second session and took a nice nap, but I listened for the most part. How sweet was Richard G. Scott's talk? I just loved the way he talked about his wife and you can tell he loves her so much. I really want to strive to show Brian how much I love him and cherish him. He is such a wonderful husband and father. I am so lucky. I hope everyone had a great weekend also, hopefully it was the last snow storm of the year!


Stephanie Salmon said...

I didn't know you play volleyball! I used to play in high school but I'm no good now and much too lazy to even try anymore. :) I can't remember if you're nursing still. We're leaving Mckinley next month for four days and both of us are dreading it. And I need to wean her before then...

The Payne Family said...

That is a lot of volleyball but I'm glad you had fun! We definitely need to find a time to go down to Moab for a little get away. And it was so good seeing you guys yesterday. This next month is going to be so fun with all that's going on! Can't wait!!

Jobi Niu said...

How fun for you & Jana!!! I miss playing volleyball. Um, you look GREAT!!!! Beautiful as always.
Richard G. Scott's talk was AMAZING! I was choked up the whole time.

Chelsey said...

Great job with volleyball! Your family is so sweet!