Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter 2012

Last weekend we celebrated Easter and it was a very memorable one!  Averie is getting to the age that she is finally getting pretty into all these holiday traditions.  We attempted dying eggs on Friday night.  As you can tell, we had a few mishaps.  

They weren't the prettiest eggs we've ever colored, but Aves had a good time so what more can you ask for?

"I wanna do it MYSELF!"  (hints why most of the eggs were cracked by the end of the night.

 "What the heck is this thing for?"

 On Saturday we had a couple of Easter Egg Hunts lined up for Averie.  We live in the best neighborhood.  We only have about 20-25 houses in our subdivision.  It is really private and enclosed.  Some of my neighbors planned this awesome Spring Breakfast/Easter Egg Hunt.  It was nice to get out with the neighbors.  My only complaint is that it was FREEZING that morning.  It looked beautiful outside so I dressed Averie in a skirt.  I felt like a horrible mother once we got outside.

 Averie is really shy and timid around large groups of people.  It takes her a while to get warmed up to anyone.  I was a little nervous about doing the Easter Egg Hunt with her because there were a lot of kids.  As expected, she was clinging to Brian and I most of the morning.  Once she saw the eggs, it was a different story!  She was all over it!

 Her basket was overflowing.  What a blast!  Thank you ladies that threw such a fun party!

 After the morning Easter Egg Hunt, we headed to my parents to have another egg hunt with the cousins and eat a yummy Easter Lunch.  Andy let me borrow one of his lenses so I took some shots with my new camera.  I didn't get a chance to figure out some of the lighting issues, so some of them are too dark and too bright, but the new lens was fun!
Sergeant enjoying the warm weather.  So glad it warmed up.

 AmyLyn and Easton.

 Caleb getting ready for some crochet.

 I wish these ones would have turned out better.   So I had to take this pic of Averie because exactly a year ago, I have a similar pic.

Isn't it crazy how much she has changed?!  I couldn't believe it when I compared the two.  My baby is definitely not a baby anymore.   

I love this one.  I need to adjust the lighting a bit, but I think it is super cute.

 Aren't these two just the cutest?  Caleb and Averie are only a month apart and I can tell they are going to be the best of friends.  They were checking out my mom's fountain.

 Here's little Easton content with a crochet stick.  He seriously played with this thing for an hour.  He would bawl if you would take him away from the stick.  Silly Boy!

Let the hunt begin!  Averie was a pro at this by now.  

 What a fine looking man I married!

 Evan gathering his eggs.

 "Pa Pa" helping the grandkids.

Ave got most of the eggs.

Averie and Caleb comparing their winnings.  They are so stinking cute!

 You know it means trouble when Ryan gets out the bow and arrow.  Luckily all the eggs were gathered and the children were out of shooting range.  Ryan is getting pretty accurate with that thing!

 We had such a great time on Saturday.  Thanks everyone for planning the day, it was a blast.

We don't get to see Brian's family very much so we decided to go up to Tremonton to spend Easter with them.  Averie, unfortunately, was in a mood.  She was such a stinker all day!  I think it must have just been too much for her.  She did participate in Grandpa's Easter Egg Hunt though (you have no idea how many plastic eggs we have at this point).  She and her cousins had a great time finding all of the treasures.

 Aspen filling up her basket.

 Cierra's eggs were a little bit more challenging to find, or at least higher up.

  Probably the best shot I was able to get of this crabby pants.  Don't you love the Easter dress?  I thought it was adorable.

 I was shocked that Averie sort of let Aspen hold her hand for this picture.

 One thing Averie did love on Easter was Grandpa's tire swing.  She would cry if you tried to take her off.

 After the girls finished their hunt outside, Cierra hid the hard boiled eggs inside for Brian and Matt.  They felt that using their shirts was more manly than using a basket.  Sexy guys...

 As I mentioned, Averie was quite naughty this day.  She ended up spending a lot of the day in time out.  We tried several times to get her to go down for a nap, but she refused.  She even climbed out of the playpen at one point.  I was shocked when all the sudden she was standing in the kitchen.  We may be transitioning to a toddler bed before we know it!  Anyway, on one of Averie's time out sessions, I came in to catch her like this.  Sweet silence.  Poor girl, she was so exhausted.

We had such a wonderful Easter.  I hope everyone had a great weekend.


Suzanne said...

Isn't it so fun to watch them enjoy the things you remember doing from your childhood? Averie is growing into such a beautiful little girl, I love all of the pictures!

The Payne Family said...

Looks like fun! I'm glad we got to spend Saturday together... it was a great day!