Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Birthday Post

This is only a month late, but I wanted to post pictures from Ave's Birthday.  Birthday morning Averie woke up to a pile of presents!

She was super excited for her new Easel.

Averie loved her tricycle.  I think it is a little too big for her, but she has a lot of time to grow into it.

One of the favorite gifts was the bubble machine we got her.  Sergeant loved it too!

After the present unwrapping, we took Averie to the Petting Zoo at Thanksgiving Point.  Here are some pics to enjoy.

Averie was lucky enough to have Grandma come with us.  She just loves her "Na Na"

Averie got to ride on her first pony.  That pony reminded me of my pony, Dino when I was little.  So cute!
As I have mentioned in other posts, I am not a cake decorator.  I did my best for Ave's cake.  It may not have looked the best, but it was DELISH!
Averie getting ready to take a lick...
Caught you!  She actually wouldn't eat any of the cake.  She only had that little lick.  Silly girl!

On Saturday following her birthday, we did a small party with the family.   We did an Elmo themed party and Averie was so excited!  Here are a few snapshots:

Can't believe my baby is TWO!
I wish I could claim that I made the cake, but I was wise and had it custom made.

Averie was such a spoiled girl!  Her family loves her very much.  Grandma Anderson gave her a swimming suit and she immediately had to put it on over her clothes.
 Andy, AmyLyn, Ryan and Holly gave Averie a car.  How lucky were we that they put it together for her?!?  Thanks guys!
 Averie LOVES her car.  We constantly are taking it out around the neighborhood.
 This post was definitely abbreviated, but I had to get the pictures up.  LOVE YOU BABY GIRL!!

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