Sunday, April 21, 2013


Celebrating Easter just makes me so happy and it really gets me excited for Spring!  Too bad Mother Nature has not been very kind to us so far this Spring, however, Easter was quite nice!

Every year our neighborhood does an Easter Egg Hunt.  It was freezing cold last year so I think everyone was excited to have the sun out.  It is so fun living in a neighborhood where everyone knows each other and we do fun things like this.  I just love our neighbors.
 Here are some of the neighborhood kiddos ready to go.  Averie was being a stink and wouldn't be in the picture.
 Yup.  This was Averie's attitude regarding the endless picture taking.
 Funny story.  So every year they split up the kids so that all the 5 and under kids are together and all the older kids are in another area.  Well this year they decided to hide the eggs for the 5 and under in the rocks!  Let's just say that there were a lot of stumbles and a lot of tears.  I don't think the kids minded though once they found the eggs.
 My friend Jen's little boy, Blane.  He is such a cutie!
 Now she is all smiles, now  that she has the goods!
 Jen's kids are so photogenic.  Must be nice having children that will allow you to take their picture.  Averie is getting better now though.  She will actually "cheese" for the camera.  After the egg hunt we decided to color the eggs that we had at home.  Averie loves this tradition.  She had a blast!

 It wouldn't be Easter without a new Easter Dress!  Averie looked adorable in her 5T size dress.  Can you believe she can fit in a 5T?  It was huge in the arm holes, but she is so tall it was the only one that was long enough.

After church we had my parents, my brothers and my brother's wife, Holly, over for dinner.  I should have taken pictures of the Easter Ham.  Ha ha.  You would have died.  I WAY over cooked it.  I followed the instructions exactly, but it apparently cooked a little faster than it was supposed to.  At least it was still edible.

After dinner Averie and Easton had a blast in the sandbox.  Seriously it is the best babysitter you could ask for.  We didn't hear a peep out of them for an hour.  It is so fun to see these cousins grow up and play together.

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