Saturday, May 16, 2015

Bennett Willis Sharp

My beautiful sister and I have been so blessed to be pregnant together not once, but TWICE! Averie and Caleb are only a month apart to the day and Bryken and Bennett are two months almost to the day!  Bryken was born on the 5th and Bennett was born on the 6th.  I told Kylee she needed to have him on the 5th but she didn't listen to me.  Kylee had a bit of a difficult recovery with this sweet boy and ended up in the hospital.  Her blood pressure was super high and she was retaining fluid and experiencing chest pain.  She suffered pericarditis.  It was terrifying and I am so grateful that she is now home and doing better.  I was able to go up and see her a few days ago and she let me take some pictures of sweet Bennett.  I am by no means a photographer, but we sure had fun and got some tender pictures of her cute little boy.  I only managed to get peed on once!  Love this sweet Benny Boy!








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