Friday, August 7, 2015

Five Months

The past five months have gone by so fast and Bryken has changed our lives so much for the better.  I can't imagine life without him.  He has changed so much this past month and he has been so much fun.  Here are his weekly pictures:

17 Weeks:

18 Weeks:

19 Weeks:

20 Weeks:

21 Weeks:

 Bryken has really started to gain control of his body.  He is rolling all over the place and can roll back from his tummy to his back and back to his tummy.  I fear that he is going to be on the move soon!  He is holding his head up great and loves to look around when he is on his tummy. 

He started reaching for toys and he can now grab things and has a lot of control in doing it.  He reaches for his feet and toes and tries to stuff them in his mouth.  He loves to grab his binki and pull it out of his mouth.  He is getting pretty good at putting it back in his mouth too.  He pretty much tries to put anything in his mouth that he can so that he can chomp down on it.

Bryken started teething this month and his two bottom teeth are just about to poke through.  I noticed that he started drooling a ton earlier this month and I wondered if he was teething but I thought it was way too soon for teeth.  Unfortunately, I was wrong.  I was really hoping we would keep the toothless grin a little longer.  Oh well, at least he has been a champ through it all.  It hasn't seemed to bother him too much.  Other than the drool, you wouldn't be able to tell.

I'm not sure if the teething is what has caused it, but Bryken took quite a step back with his sleeping this month.  Let's be honest, he has never been a great sleeper.  I'm starting to wonder if I will ever get to sleep more than four hours straight again.  This month we started going back to waking up every TWO hours.  I seriously have felt like a walking zombie.  I hope he starts to figure it out soon.  I wouldn't mind so much but working full time is really hard to do on no sleep.  Plus he is just so precious when he sleeps.

Because of the lack of sleep the doctor suggested that we start food.  We have tried giving him cereal a couple of times but he really hasn't been very interested.  He gives me the funniest looks when I try to feed him.  He usually ends up wearing most of it.  It is pretty hilarious when he starts to spit it everywhere.  I am not really pushing it because I just want him to stay small forever!  I know that he needs to grow up so I will keep trying with the cereal and hopefully we will start veggies in a few weeks.
This is him pre torture.

Averie wanted to feed him so I said why not?

What is this crap mom?!
This was our second attempt.  We got some of it in his mouth but you would never know it from looking at this picture.

This kiddo is just the happiest little baby.  He is constantly giggling and grinning.  I hope that he always stays this happy.  He just adores being naked and tickled.  Such a funny kid.  He's ready for his close up!

Bryken has started to play in the jumparoo.  He can almost grab the toys.  He just loves to bounce too.

He still loves playing on his floor gym.  So much that he gets worn out.

Did I mention that Bryken's hair has fallen out?  It is so sad!  I hope it starts to grow back soon!  What hair he does have left has turned really light.

Bryken had his first trip to the beach.  We went up to Bear Lake over the 24th of July.  Bryken didn't even mind the water but he spent most the day with his best buddy, Bennett.

I sure love this little monkey of mine.

I just love my kids more than words can describe.

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