Sunday, October 4, 2015

7 Months

I don't know how we are at seven months with our little man.  This has been the quickest seven months of my life.  I can't believe our newborn boy is now a wiggly rambunctious baby!  I love the stage that we are in right now and I feel so blessed to have Bryken in our lives.

Here are the weekly updates of him:

27 Weeks

28 Weeks

29 Weeks

30 Weeks

 This month did not mark any crazy milestones, but Bryken is getting stronger and more independent every day.  He is sitting up almost completely independently now.  I don't quite trust him 100%, but I will let him sit for a little while on his own.

He's pretty safe with the boppy pillow around him and it gives him a chance to play with all of his toys, including Sergeant.

I've had to be extra careful with leaving Bryken on the floor by himself.  I keep finding him like this:

Silly kid. He just wants to be on the move so bad!  I ended up turning the sectional into a baby corral.  It has helped my sanity to keep Bryken "contained".  Last month he proved to me that he can pretty much roll wherever he wants to now.  This has helped keep him in one area until he figures out how to really start moving around.

Bryken is really loving his toys and his play mats.  It has been such a life saver for me when I am trying to get things done.  At least for now, I'm not chasing him.  I'm loving this calmness while it lasts.  I know that he will be moving before we know it!

Such a happy kiddo!

One thing we discovered this month about Bryken is that he is not a fan of grass.  I haven't had him outside a lot this summer because we have been so busy.  I put him out on the grass and his reaction was priceless.  He didn't seem too upset, but he would not even crack a smile at me.  He was so concerned about what I put him on.  It was too cute.

What is this stuff Mom?

He fell back on the grass and had the most concerned look on his face.  He started crying shortly after this.  I'm such a meany.

And we're done...

Good thing his sissy came to his rescue.

These two are just the best of friends.  Averie is such a good sister and she is always trying to make Bryken happy.

They are so cute!

Sometimes she loves on him a little too much!

I just love this kid so much.  He has brought so much joy to our family.  Happy seven months Bryken!

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