Sunday, December 13, 2015

Nine Months

This little nugget is nine months old!  The past month has been one of the most fun months with this boy.  He is changing so much and learning more and more every day.  Here are his weekly updates:
36 Weeks

37 Weeks

38 Weeks
39 Weeks

This month has been so much fun with Bryken.  He is really changing and doing new things every day.  At the beginning of the month, he and I went to visit my friend, Diana and her family in Denver.  Bryken did so great on the plane and everyone just gushed over him.  It is so fun to travel with a baby.  Everyone treats you like royalty, especially when you are traveling by yourself with a baby.  I've never seen so many complete strangers be willing to help me.  It was awesome.  It might just be because I have the cutest baby in the world, or maybe I just look tired?  Haha. 

While we were there, we went to Build a Bear with the kiddos.  Bryken loved his bear.

I felt bad not having Averie there with us, I will have to take her another time.  Bryken had so much fun with the boys.  I can't wait for him to get a little older so that they can all play together.  Averie is going to be outnumbered when we all get together again.

While we were there, Bryken decided that he really liked to stand up and play.  

It was such a nice visit.  These guys live too far away!

On the flight home.

As I said, there were a lot of big changes over the last month.  Probably one of my favorite things is that Bryken can now hold his own bottle, sort of.  

He is definitely getting better at it.  It makes things a little easier now that he can do that.  He is also sleeping through the night, most nights.  It has been such an amazing thing to SLEEP.  There still has been a few nights that he has ended up in bed with me.


In his defense, it was a little bit of a rough month.  He was sick most of the month with an ear infection and he got a ton of teeth.  His poor little cheeks were rosie all month.  I've never seen a kid pop so many teeth at the same time.  Pretty much the last 6 teeth that he has gotten all came through at the same time.  Poor kid.

Bryken still isn't crawling, which I am ok with.  He prefers to be sitting and doesn't really like to be on his tummy.  He loves to bounce.

He jumps and swings around in the jumparoo.  He just loves to be standing up so he can see around.  He has started scooting backwards though.  Averie did this too right before she started crawling so it might not be as far off as we think.

Bryken just loves to sit up and play with anything he can get his hands on.

He also puts anything and everything in his mouth.

He especially likes to put socks in his mouth!

Bryken started clapping this month and waving bye bye.  It is the most adorable thing ever.  Averie was pretending to be a teacher and he was loving it.  He was laughing and clapping nonstop.

Bryken is starting to get more attached to me.  If I come in the room and don't pick him up, he starts crying.  It is really cute, but could lead to trouble.  For now, I am loving being "needed".

This month Bryken had his first Thanksgiving.  I really didn't get a lot of pictures on Thanksgiving, but I did manage to snag a few of him and Bennett.  I can't believe that these two are two months apart.  Bryken better start growing or Bennett is going to pass him by!

I love this one.  Such happy boys.

Over Thanksgiving we were able to go to the Curiousity Museum with my parents and my sister, Kylee and her family.  Here is the older crew.

Now for the twinsies.

Bryken got to see Grandma and Grandpa Anderson this month too!  Busy month with lots of family time.

I got a little carried away with the pictures this month, but I can't help it with this little ham.  Enjoy the pictures.

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