Thursday, October 2, 2008

New Beginnings

Life as we know it is in constant disarray. Things are constantly changing. Sometimes for the good, and sometimes for the bad. Two things in my life have changed recently. Firstly, Ryan (my younger brother) entered the MTC Wednesday. Now for most, this would seem to be a good change. I, on the other hand, am selfish. I already miss my little brother, but I have to keep telling myself that he is doing what he is supposed to be doing. I took a lot of pictures at the MTC to post, but I cannot find my USB cord to hook my camera up. This picture will have to do, sorry Ryan :)

Good Luck Ry! We love you so much! The people of Toronto, Canada will be lucky to have ya. I promise that I will post pictures as soon as I find my cord (or buy a new one).

The second thing that has changed significantly in my life is my career. For the past few years I have been working as a Xray tech. That all changed today! I started my new job as a PACS Administrator. I am sure that most of you have never heard of this job. (I hadn't either until my experience in Radiography). Basically, I work with the computer aspect of Diagnostic Imaging. It is an awesome opportunity for me and I am really excited to get going with my new career. Hopefully, these are the only two major changes I will have to adjust to the rest of the year! No matter what happens though, I will make the most of what I am given.


The Payne's said...

You have such a good attitude! We will miss Ryan but I also know that he will make a great missionary.

I'm happy that you found this job. It fits you perfectly! Good luck with it!

Megan said...

congratulations on your new job. Sounds like it will be fun and a great experience. By the way you are welcome to steel my diaper cake idea. I stole the idea from someone then kinda personalized it. So go for it and let me know how it turns out.