Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gas Mask Anyone?

Every day that I drive home from work, this is what I see...

Can you believe that we are breathing this in every day? I am not really in favor of snow, but we need something to clear this up! On another note, Brian and I went up to Lava Hot Springs this last weekend. It was so nice to have a little getaway for a night. The springs were so hot! I could not believe how roasty toasty it was. We went with our friends, Wade and Kellie (I know same spelling and everything) and we rented a house for a night up there. It was a really long drive, but so worth it. Here are some pics from the weekend. It was really hard to get pictures at the Springs due to the large amount of steam, but we did manage to snap a few good ones.
Here we are after a nice long soak.

See what I was talking about with the steam?
Here Brian is preparing some shish-ka-bobs. Ha ha I have no idea how to spell that. They were very yummy by the way.

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The Payne's said...

So fun!! We've never been but now I really want to. I'm glad you had a fun weekend!