Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Longest Post Ever

Well the past few weeks have been full of fun and hard work. First of all we shall start with the nation's celebration of me, Kellie Lee Anderson. 25 years ago on July 4th 1984, the country decided that it was such a wonderful occasion of my birth that they would let off fireworks in my honor. At least this is what I believed up until I was about 7...ok maybe 17 :) Brian gave me the most wonderful gift. Plane tickets to go see my friend Diana. Diana and I have been best friends since we were four and I moved in to the house next door to her. We have had a difficult time keeping in touch over the years, but with flights so cheap right now, we couldn't pass it up. We flew to Denver for the 4th of July weekend. While we were there we saw Blue's Traveler in concert. You may remember them from the 90s. I know I did when I heard that harmonica! It was such a fun, long, wet concert. It was ok that it rained the entire time and everyone was smoking pot around us because the company was great! I love you Diana and Sean. Thanks for a great Birthday Weekend.

After we got home from Denver we were given some great news! Zoiee, Sergeant's girlfriend, had her puppies! She had NINE beautiful babies. 6 boys and 3 girls! They are so adorable and everytime I go over there I want to secretly put on in my purse. Zoiee would never know right? Just kidding, but they are so tempting! If anyone is interested in a puppy they will be ready to go the first of September. I will be sure to post more pictures of them as they get more and more adorable!Zoiee looking hammered right after delivering nine pups. You'd be tired too!

Some of the pups. I couldn't post pictures of all of them, but most of them are the same color as Sergeant and have all dark faces. These are two of the cute ones that look like their mamma!
Another exciting thing that has happened is that we finally finished "fixing" my little house fire incident. The flooring was put in last week and I couldn't be more thrilled. It turned out so gorgeous! Poor Sergeant though, he can't run very fast across the floor because he slides everywhere. I absolutely love the floor. It was a royal pain getting all the tile ripped up, but hard work returns great results!Brian doing all of the Dirty Work!
Finished Results!

Finally, this last weekend Brian and I met up with some of our friends, Rob, Christy, Amber, and Bryce at Cherry Hill. The weather was not super sunny but it was still warm. I think we drifted around in the Lazy River for hours. That was definitely my favorite part. I could have done without all of the screaming children, but we had a blast anyway.
A Hoy! The Girls all in Black Suits. Ya we totally planned it.All the Hot Boys. Sorry Ladies, the one in the Black Trunks is taken!
Bri Bri being silly in the river. Can you believe how flexible this man is? Its amazing. He makes me look bad!Being cheesey in the lazy river. Trying to get a pic of everyone which is kind of hard to do. Oh well managed to get one of me at least.

Well to finish off this super long post, here is a picture of my friend Julie and I. We hiked up a trail in Alpine and came across this beautiful waterfall. Sergeant was a trooper and made us work hard to keep up with him. Thanks Julie for the great hike. It was so good to catch up!

Well I think that about does it for this "catch up" post. Now you know why I haven't posted in a while. I have been a busy girl!


Fostervision said...

that ampitheater in Denver is gorgeous!!! It looks like you are having a fun summer, Happy Late birthday!!!

Jobi Niu said...

I ALWAYS think of you on the 4th of July!! Hope you had a good birthday, that was nice of your hubby to fly you to see your friend.
You look SMOKIN hot in that swim suit!! Hi, can I please have your body?! It's a really cute suit too.
I bet it was SO GOOD to see Julie. I miss all of you. We need to get together and play ball sometime!! Love ya girl

AmyLyn said...

I love the floor... it looks gorgeous!!!! And all the puppies are so stinkin' cute! Looks like you guys have been up to a ton of fun. Oh and happy late birthday! Sorry, I am a horrible sister-in-law :(