Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What's going on here!?!

So what now that I hit 25 my body doesn't know what direction to go? Am I old? Am I young? SERIOUSLY who finds WHITE (not Gray) hairs on their head and has a MASSIVE breakout (we're talkin' goiters here) all in one day? I am so frustrated! I am way beyond the age of dealing with Acne and at 25, I would hope that I was way before the age of white hair! Come on!


BoyackTidbits said...

Hey Birthday Girl...25 is a great age!!! In fact...I've decided 60 is a great age! It's all about the day to day experiences, not the number (however, your uncle does enjoy his SENIOR DISCOUNT at Chuck-a-Rama!) Hope your birthday was good. Thanks for coming to my party. It was good to have family there! Love you!!! (the acne keeps you young)?????

Chelsey said...

That is me in 18 days. I have pulled out a few white hairs too. And I say the same thing to Randy about those stupid zits. When do they stop!?! Honestly. Happy Birthday! You should have had your husband call me for a cake! Call me next year.

Butler Family said...

kellie it's just stress. I miss you!!