Saturday, March 20, 2010

Not too much longer

And I will finally be able to tie my shoes.
And shave my legs.
And paint my toenails.
And pick up a dropped object without almost throwing up.
And not cross my fingers every time I sneeze.
And sleep flat on my back.
And go running and move any speed that is faster than a waddle.
And FINALLY meet the little one responsible for everything I have been through the past nine months.

Oh little one, get here quick and get here safe. Mommy and Daddy are ready to hold you.


Brynn said...

Yay for updates! Days are passing and I find myself wondering about your belly! Hope all is well and that you can sleep this month!! :)

Matt and Suzanne said...

Ah, you will just LOVE it! It's all so worth it the moment you hold her. Godd luck with everything! I just can't wait for you!!!

Chelsey said...

Your so cute Kellie! I am so excited for you! She will be here so soon!

The Payne Family said...

Yes... and Aunt AmyLyn wants to hold you too! Hurry up!!

Fostervision said...

Can't wait to meet her!!!!