Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Best New Daddy

I am late posting this but I just want to wish my wonderful hubby a Happy Father's Day! Brian is the best daddy around. He is so good with Averie and she is so lucky to have him as her dad.
Brian always tries to spend as much time as possible with this little girl. She loves her "dance dance" time with him. He is great about taking her when I need him too and he is not afraid to change a diaper or two! I am so lucky to have such an involved husband. It is so cute to watch them together. She is going to be a total Daddy's Girl for sure! Happy Father's Day Babe, you are the Best!


sunnydays photography said...

awesome. i'm glad he's stepping up now cause it makes for so many better days to come when daddy can take the reigns. :)

Matt and Suzanne said...

love it. Isn't it just the best to have such wonderful, helpful hubbies. :) Too cute!