Thursday, June 24, 2010

Two Months Already?

Wow I can't believe it has been TWO whole months since the most wonderful little girl came into our lives. Averie is growing so quickly and reaching new milestones every day! Here are her two month stats:

Weight: 10.8 lbs 50th percentile
Height: 23.03 inches 76th percentile
Head Circumference:15.2 inches 46th percentile

Two month appointment. SUCKS! It was so upsetting to watch Averie scream while I had to let this nurse stab her. I am so glad we don't have to go through that again for a few months.

Here are some of the latest happenings with Aves:

She is just about the happiest baby I have ever seen. She almost never stops smiling. She laughed for the first time on Father's Day at Brian. I guess I'll let him have that one.She has just started finding her voice. She will coo and carry on a conversation with me. This video is the absolute cutest. Ignore my dorky baby talk and about the last 40 seconds. She got sick of talking to me and started screaming :)

She is getting really good at holding her head up and does great sitting in the Bumbo.
She is sleeping through the night most nights! I put her to bed around 9-9:30ish and she sleeps until about 5:30-6:00ish and will sleep again until about 8. Such a good girl! Trust me, I realize how lucky I am! This picture cracks me up because first of all, who sleeps like this, and her eyes are slightly cracked open (Just like how her daddy sleeps). She looks like a doll.She has started being slightly more mobile. I have to be careful leaving her unattended in her bouncer or on the bed. Yesterday I put her in the bouncer and she fell asleep. I didn't buckle her in because I didn't want to disturb her. Well I left the room for about five minutes to go get something from downstairs and came back to her half way on the ground! I am so glad she didn't slide all the way out, but it made me realize from this point forward I need to be really careful.

She does a very good job following voices. She actually makes eye contact!

She FINALLY mastered breastfeeding (just in time for me to go back to work :( ).

She loves her baths.She has figured out how to "fake cry". When she feels like she is not getting enough attention, she will start crying and when I walk over to her she immediately stops. I could see how this is going to be a problem.

She still loves the baby gym. Best invention ever. Oh and if I am upstairs, the ceiling fan does wonders at catching her attention as well.
I can't wait to see how much she will change over the next two months.


The Payne Family said...

Holy Hannah!!! I think it is physically impossible for her to get any cuter! I just love her. Her video is super cute! I think it's awesome how at the end she was so done. Silly Averie! We sure do love her! I can't believe it has already been 2 months though... that was fast! Sweet little Averie... best baby in the world!

BoyackTidbits said...

They do grow sooo fast! From here on you'll be amazed at the interaction. I see Sergeant has adapted to his new "friend". She's a cutie.

Jobi Niu said...

KELLIE!!!!!! She is SOOO stinkin CUTE! WOW. YOu dress her so adorable. How cute is her smile?? I can't believe how quickly time flies!!