Wednesday, September 1, 2010

John Mayer

Last night I went to see John Mayer in concert. So all you die hard fans out there, I just want you to know I got to go for free! My little brother bought his girlfriend tickets a while ago and forgot that he had class Tuesday nights. Well he called me last minute and asked if I wanted to go with her. Well duh! It was so fun. I have never listened to John besides when his songs are on the radio, but I was pleasantly surprised. He is very talented! He is very good live and he is one of the better performers that I have seen. I only have one problem with him. What the heck was he wearing?!? I tried really hard to find you a picture online (of course I forgot my camera), but I couldn't find one. Let me just describe. A white 80's wind breaker, floody khaki pants, converse sneakers, a bandanna, and really messy long hair. Seriously? Girls think that is hot? I don't get it. I have to admit his voice is very nice though. I just had to close my eyes and imagine someone cuter singing. I am sorry to those of you that think he is cute, just not my taste. Also, his facial expressions are priceless. These are not from last night, but I they looked exactly like what I saw.Even with the goofy ensemble and cracked out facial expressions, he was awesome in concert. Thanks Holly for the fun time!


Matt and Suzanne said...

SOOOOO JEALOUS!!! I LOVE HIM, such a die hard fan. Isn't his concert just the best? Although I had to laugh at the pictures because they are SO true!:) It only makes him all the more entertaining to watch. I can't believe he was wearing what you described, I have been following him for years and never...hmmm...maybe going for a new look?! :) would have loved to see it! Glad you had fun!

BoyackTidbits said...

Fun...we used to go to concerts, until people in front of us started jumping up and we couldn't see anything! They were drunker than skunks and people around them kept trying to get them to sit down and relax. Oh well, that's what DVD's are for! Glad you enjoyed...I've heard the name, can't think of the songs.

Ela and Daniel Asisi said...

I love John Mayer's music. But I have to agree, he doesn't have the best singing face! Did you ever see the clip from Jimmy Fallon's talk show where Justin Timberlake did an impersonation of him. LOL! So funny, you'll have to google it!