Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Our Little Model

Let me introduce you to one of my addictions:

Every day features a baby product that they sell for half price. They have definitely made a killing off me. I have bought everything from bows, to blankets, to leggings, etc. It is a little bit addicting. Every day I get an email from them listing the item. At that point it is a race to purchase your "steal". Everything sells out pretty quick. Well the other day I went to their warehouse (they are based out of Utah) to pick up my order of cute bows and they caught glimpse of my sweet little Averie girl. They just thought she was the cutest and asked if they could use her as a model for one of the products they were going to sell. Of course I didn't mind. It was so perfect too. The bow she is wearing is actually the one that I went to pick up. It matched the blanket perfectly! Here is the webpage.

Miracle Blanket


50% off
Retail $29.99

There are a handful of things new parents say they couldn't live without, and the Miracle Blanket® consistently tops their list. Most understand how helpful swaddling is for calming babies, but knowing HOW to swaddle is another thing. Enter, the Miracle Blanket®. Super easy to use and highly effective, this ingenious blanket will save you and your baby some much needed zzzzz's!

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I am a little bummed because this mini page that they sent in the email doesn't show all the pictures that they took. They took another one of her laying in the crib. I will have to post it later. I copied and pasted the entire webpage and saved it on my work computer. It was so funny because we were trying so hard to get her to fall asleep in the blanket. She wasn't having it. She was kicking her legs and checking out her feet for most of the photo shoot. They finally said that they could use what they had taken, but I had no idea that meant I was going to be featured as well. Gees I would have taken my sunglasses off my head or something. Oh well! They asked me if they could ever use her again and I said of course. We'll see if they call. It's kinda fun to see your babes on a website. I was Mamma Proud :)

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