Monday, October 25, 2010

6 Months

My baby is six months old today!Remember when she was this little? I am finding it harder and harder to remember.Here are the official stats:
Weight: 15.54 pounds 37 percentile
Height: 27 inches 86th percentile
Head Circumference: 17.1 inches 77th percentile

Well in usual fashion, here are the latest and greatest of Averie.
She still loves her baby gym. I'm telling you, best thing ever. I can't believe it never gets old for her.
She is loving her jumperoo too. She really starts to jump around like crazy. It is adorable to watch her play.She is sleeping better. Finally back to sleeping through the night. We aren't swaddling her as much and she is doing great. Do you think she likes the freedom or what?She really likes to bounce on anything, laps, pillows etc. In fact she is sitting next to me on the couch rocking back and forth. Which brings me to my next amazing Averie act. Behold, she sits up!She still puts anything and everything in her mouth-including her feet. She likes to suck on her toes when she can get to them.She has mastered the handling of the binkie. Usually she puts it in backwards or she tries to put the entire thing in her mouth. This is one of my new favorite skills because she can sooth herself.
She is getting to be quite the talker. Mostly at inappropriate times. Like during the sacrament for example. She loves her voice. She loves mine too apparently-which, if you've heard my voice you would wonder why-when I sing to her she just smiles.
She is getting very sensitive. The smallest things upset her. I sneezed the other day and it took me five minutes to calm her down.
She still loves animals and is surprisingly gentle.Averie has tried all the vegetables and loved them. She loves green beans and squash the most. She isn't too interested in fruit. I am glad she likes the veggies more. Hopefully, she will be a better eater than me.
How adorable is this girl?!?I just can't get enough of this little one. She is such a good happy little girl. I don't know what we would do without her.


Brynn said...

happy six months (cute pics! ;))
i love how happy she is and she looks more like you everyday, which is awesome in itself, along with a nice relief to know that baby girls CAN look like their mamas (i havent seen it yet, with the exception of you)

Matt and Suzanne said...

happy 6 months averie! what a beautiful girl you are! :) her eyes are stunning. it's so cute to see her grow up. i just love all of her hats! Where do you get them? Oh, and hoorah for sleeping better!

The Payne Family said...

6 months!! That is nuts! She sure is growing up fast. I love her little personality. She is so sweet and so fun! Her pics are so cute and she really has changed a ton. It's hard to believe she is already 6 months. It was so good to see you guys the other night. I'm the luckiest Aunt ever!

Amy S said...

She is absolutely adorable as always! Can't believe she is 6 months. Crazy. Hope you are doing well!