Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas came and went. I can't believe it is over. It feels like every year goes by quicker and quicker. I remember as a kid it took soooo long for Christmas to come. Now it seems like it was just yesterday that I was pregnant with Averie opening little cute outfits for her. Now she was the one opening the presents. I must admit though, Christmas is WAY more fun once you have kids. Even though Averie was too young to understand everything, I loved watching her experience every second of it. Here are our highlights this year:

Every year we go up to Tremonton to spend Christmas Even with Brian's family. This year we got together at Brian's brother's house. It was so nice to spend that time with family. We don't get to see them very often do it was great to spend the entire day with them.

Averie of course peed through her cute Christmas outfit the first ten minutes we were there so she got stuck wearing frog pajamas all day. At least she still had the Christmas bows.Brian was dressed for the occassion too. Dork..
At first, Averie didn't like unwrapping the presents. Or maybe it was just the gift?Brian got me the sweetest gift. He had molds done of Averie's hands and feet. I'll admit that I am getting a little torn up about Averie growing up. It meant so much to me to have replicas of her hands and feet. Now I will always be able to look back and remember how she was at this time. I have such a sweet husband.

Probably Averie's favorite gift, besides the paper, was this soft teddy. She just loved this thing!

"Oh Mom, clothes are boring!"Grandma Anderson with two of her granddaughters.
Now to one of the most special gifts we received.Brian's dad made us this chest. I just love it! Brian and I have been searching for a while for something exactly like this and BOOM wish granted. How amazing is this?

Well the next day was Christmas! Santa came of course because we were all nice this year.Let me just say that Averie was super excited. She loved the "sit and play" toy. Whenever the music comes on she starts dancing and it is the most adorable thing.
She also loves her puppy.

Brian was happy with his gift from Santa.I did not take a picture but I was super duper excited to get my gift from Santa. Some how he knew I have a really strong annoyance of shaving. Solution. LASER HAIR REMOVAL. I know, you are all jealous. The hardest part will be deciding what I want zapped. I am pretty sure I am going with the legs. I can't wait! Thank you Santa!

Onward to the Payne Family Christmas. This year we were finally all able to make it to my parents' house. Can you believe this pile of presents?!? This wasn't even everything when I took the picture.

My mom and "Santa".
The crown says it all.

Here is my mom opening an Oh-so-Special gift from my dad. He wanted to surprise my mom with a new wedding ring and he wrapped in in several boxes inside of each other. It was so cute to see her reaction.
Among the wonderful gifts we received were a new Camp Chef from my parents, a Nintendo Wii from my little brother, light room for photoshop from my older brother, too many toys to count for Averie, and so many other wonderful things I can't even list. We are so blessed and grateful for the thoughtful gifts, but mostly grateful for our families. I love this time of year so much and I love our family so much.
This post isn't over yet! One last thing to mention for 2010. We will be expecting our SECOND...
Nope, just kidding. I wanted to make sure you were paying attention though! The last thing I wanted to post about was the "Boyack" Family Christmas Party. Every year, well almost every year, we try to get together with Brian's cousins for a Christmas Party. This year was an excellent turnout! Almost all of Brian's Aunt Debbie and Uncle Chuck's family made it. Which is quite the accomplishment since there are six kids and they are spread all over the country. We did attempt to get a few pictures:

Trying to get a picture with all the kids "behaving", not an easy task!

Here is the Boyack Family.
Slightly larger than the Anderson Family! We had such a great time and it was great to see all the family that traveled so far to be there. I can't wait until next year!

Well this is it, the last post of the year. 2010 was so good to us. We have been so blessed. We are in pure bliss and I can't wait for 2011. I hope everyone has had as wonderful of a year as we have and I hope for the best for everyone next year.

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BoyackTidbits said...

What a great 1st Christmas for Averie! She is loved by both sides of the family. Your family will continue me!

Thanks for having the party at your clubhouse. Too bad Kristy and family couldn't get there until the following day.