Friday, December 24, 2010

8 Months

Averie, oh Averie, would you please stop growing?!? Every time I turn around another month has passed. Eight months have gone by since this little cutie came to us.
I know I might be a little obsessive about documenting every single month, but I don't want to forget anything! Plus it is so fun to look back and see how she has changed.

Here are her stats:
Weight: 16 pounds 4 ounces
Height: Approx 27.5 inches?? I tried to measure her while she was sleeping. Yah, that went over well :)She is really starting to look like a little girl. I can believe we finally achieved the pigtails as I mentioned earlier.She is starting to get the little girl attitude also. I shouldn't encourage it, but her tantrums are so dang cute. She is SOOO dramatic! Averie AKA Dramatica. She throws her arms up in the air and puts one hand over her face and cries, "Mammma Mum!" I am so mean. I take pictures of her instead of picking her up.She has been doing the funniest thing for a while now. Averie touches her fingers to her thumbs all the time, but for some reason she just can't get her middle finger to stay down with the rest of them. She is flipping the bird like 90 percent of the time. Amazing that she does it so often yet I don't have a single picture of it. It is hilarious though!

She has also started twirling her feet. It is so adorable. The first time she started doing it, I was really worried that something was wrong with her foot. She just kept twirling it around. Now I have realized that she probably just figured out how to do it so she is entertaining herself.

Another cute thing she started doing this month is that she likes to rock back and forth when she likes something. So when she is eating, she will rock her head back and forth and hit in on the high chair. I really need to put some padding behind her head. She also does it when she is sitting on the floor. When she gets really excited she will rock so far that she will fall. Silly girl.
I am enjoying the immobility, but I really thought she would be a lot more mobile by now. She is scooting backwards and will do full circles. I have actually seen her roll from back to front and front to back now. Amazing! Eight months old and she finally rolls over! Ha ha.She has a new favorite toy, a toothebrush! This started when I would put Averie on the vanity while I fixed her hair in the morning. Well she would instantly go for my toothebrush and stick it right in her mouth. I decided that even though I didn't mind her chewing on mine, she really should have her own. Well once I gave her this, she was not giving it up very easily. Every time I would take it away she would scream. We really need to work on the tantrums.She loves sugar. Well duh! Here grandpa is giving her first taste of frosting. Yum yum. I think she likes it! Check out that tongue too. She has the longest tongue and she is always sticking it out now.For most of you that have been around Averie, you would know that she is not a snuggler. This month she has started letting me snuggle her a little. She will put up with it for a little while where before she would have nothing of it. I of course am soaking it all in.Well I am sure it will be a few more months before it is all intentional, but Averie is definitely saying, "ma ma, da da, mom," and even "daddy!" I am so mad that I can't remember exactly what she said the other day but it was so clear that it caught me off guard. It wasn't like your typical baby babble either. I think she said something like "here" or "there". Urgh! I can't remember, but it was amazing. My smart little Monkey!

Well she is doing oh so many amazing things, but these are the highlights. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!


The Payne Family said...

I can't believe she is 8 months! CRAZY!! It was so fun to spend so much time with you guys this last few days. Averie is a doll and so very cute! We just love her!

Brooke Carroll said...

She is the cutest little girl! She is so beautiful...I hope you and your family are doing great!