Wednesday, January 19, 2011

19 Days Down...

from 2011 so far and WOW it has been crazy! So let us talk about the things we have planned between now and May!

First things first, BABIES! Fortunately, I am not having one this year but several of my friends/family are. I am so lucky, I am doing THREE baby showers between now and April. If you need a baby shower, I am your girl! I will be super good at it by the end of this spring. I am so excited for all these little boys to get her for Averie to play with. Yes all three are having boys. It does make planning the showers super easy.

The second thing that I already mentioned in a previous post is my brother's wedding. They are getting married March 14th and you know we will have to plan something fun for Holly.

The third thing and closely most important, is HOUSE HUNTING. I thought it was going to be so much fun. Ya notso much. I am slightly more stressed about it than I thought. Mostly because we haven't decided if we are going to build or buy an existing home. Ryan and Holly are going to be moving into our place after they get married so we have just a couple of months to get moved. I can't wait to have a decision made so I can just relax with this piece of my life.

Remember back a couple of years ago when I was freaking out about my job? Well it all turned out ok and they transferred me to another facility and gave me a different job. Well I just found out that they will be doing the same thing again this year! I am not sure if I will be transferring or what but it is kind of crazy not knowing what is going to happen. I am having a better attitude this time around because everything turned out fine last time and I know, even if it is different, I will be fine again.

Hopefully in the next couple of months we will be going through the temple. Something I am not so stressed about. In fact, it is one of the major things going on that brings me some peace. Phew, I need some peace.

The last major thing we will have coming is Averie's Birthday! Can you believe I'm planning it already? Ha ha. I have lots or cute ideas. Can't wait!

So many exciting things coming up. I can't wait to see how it all turns out.


Brynn said...

sweet! lots of exciting and new things to keep you busy... just remember to breathe. :) good luck house hunting!

The Payne Family said...

Seriously, these next few months are going to be CRAZY! But also very fun! I'm so excited for all the things that are going on. Should be interesting to see how everything turns out. I sure hope everything turns out well with your job too. Definitely keep us posted.

Field Family said...

That would be fun as soon as the weather warms up I would love to do that. We are up for anywere so when it gets warmer we can plan something. (you missed the i in my last name its Field).

The Payne Family said...

Thanks so much Kel for all you do! I know you are stressed right now with everything on your plate and I just want to say how much I appreciate all you are doing. House hunting is fun in theory and then it comes down to it and it gets so stressful. Big decisions are always hard but I can't wait to see what you guys get. I'm so happy for you and excited for the changes. I'm also super happy about Brian and your choice to go to the temple. I can't wait for the day when we get to be there with you as your family is sealed forever. It will be the best moment of your life! And CRAZY that Averie will be 1 so soon. Where has the time gone?? I just know her party will be awesome!!

Brooke Carroll said...

Sounds awesome!! And that is amazing you are preparing for the is DEFINITELY a place of peace and happiness :) I hope you guys are doing great, and thanks for the sweet comment. I am doing better now! Finally! Hope you are having fun planning for everything that is coming up-good luck!!!