Thursday, April 9, 2015

One Month

It is hard to believe that it has been one month already with this little guy.  We are totally smitten by him and have loved every second.  Bryken is growing so fast and it is amazing how he is already starting to out grow his clothes.  There are a couple of pairs of jammies that just don't quite fit, but I am holding on to the newborn stage.  It has been quite the month with this little guy.

After coming home from the hospital, Bryken has had a lot of "firsts".
His first bath.

He didn't find it quite as exciting as we did.  Thankfully, he likes his bath much more now.

His first time meeting family.

His first Ultrasound.  When I was pregnant with Bryken the doctors discovered that his kidneys had fluid backed up in them.  I had several ultrasounds throughout the pregnancy to monitor this, but there really wasn't anything that could be done until after he was born.  We were so grateful for that first wet diaper that let us know that we were probably in the clear.  After we left the hospital the doctor ordered an ultrasound to check on his kidneys.  It was a little chilly that day so we bundled up and were off to Primary Children's Hospital in Riverton.
Bryken did great during the scan.  They had a heating pad on the gurney and it really helped.  In fact, Bryken slept the entire time.
After the scan was over, the Radiologist came and talked to us.  Bryken's hydronephrosis was only grade one which was great news!  He wouldn't require any intervention or further testing until he is three months old.  We were so relieved that it was resolving on its own.

His first photo shoot.  We had a little bit of drama getting Bryken's newborn pictures scheduled.  My photographer that I had scheduled flaked out on me at the last minute and the replacement photographer cancelled the day of our scheduled time.  I decided to get some pictures of Bryken on my own and thankfully, we were finally able to get some pictures with the photographer.  I will post those when I finally get them.  I'm definitely no professional, but he is so adorable and I think they turned out ok.

His first St. Patrick's Day.  He looked so handsome in his little bow tie and suspenders.            

His first bottle.  The doctor told me that it was important that we start introducing Bryken to bottles soon so Averie was able to feed him.  I think she really enjoyed it!

His first time playing with a toy.  Well sort of playing.  Mostly just laying there and trying to stare at the light coming from the windows.

His first Easter.  I'm not sure how much he enjoyed it but it was so fun to have him here for it.
 Poor baby was tortured by Daddy with silly puddy.

 I guess this is Mommy's form of torture, taking pictures with a big stuffed bunny.  He was not happy.
 This is a little better, but he still seems unsure.
 I just couldn't resist.  Hahaha!

His first smiles.  They are not definite yet, but we are getting there!  I can't wait for more!

Here are some more favorite pictures from this month.  We love you Bryken!

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