Thursday, October 16, 2008


8 Things TAG!!!!!

8 things I love to Watch:
Grey's Anatomy
America's Next Top Model
The News :)
Animal Planet
The Snow when it is falling in huge flakes (I didn't want ya'll to think I was nothing but a couch potato)

8 favorite restaurants
Logan's Heroes (In Logan)
Ruby River
Olive Garden
Old Grist Mill (also in Logan)
My house, when I am not the one cooking
The Pie
Any All American Place

8 things that happened today
Slept in to a glorious 7:30 am (and was still on time for work)
Defragged 4 computers (ha ha I am such a geek)
Called my momma
Made plans for tomorrow, because obviously today was very boring
Ate at Bajio with Brian
Watched Grey's
Blogged this Post

8 Things I am looking forward to
Finally getting settled at my new job, it has been crazy
Brian finishing school
Ryan coming home from his mission
Andy and AmyLyn having babies so I can have more adorable nieces or nephews
My two volleyball leagues starting in November
Going on vacation (whenever and wherever that may be)
My hair growing out. I hate short hair!

8 things on my wish list
I wish that whoever is voted in as president knows what they are doing, and
I wish that things in our country would be better
I wish that I knew where my life would be in 5 years
I wish that I had more time to myself and time for my family
I wish that everyone in my life that is having a hard time, things will get better for them
I wish that I had a magic fairy that kept my house spotless (and makes dinner)
I wish that everyone only worked 4 days a week and there was more time to play
I wish that I will always be this happy and comfortable in my life

I tag everyone that wants to do this, but especially you, Kylee. You haven't blogged for 2 months! That is unacceptable.


The Payne's said...

Awesome... I so agree with getting you more nieces and nephews. Soon enough, soon enough.

The Black's said...

You hate short hair?! Well I am so sick of my long hair. I am cutting off atleast 15". I am nervous but excited.