Friday, January 29, 2010

Two Down, One to Go!

This post is about a week late, but I thought I would put it up anyway. I finally made it to the Third Trimester! Wha Hooo! Reality is setting in and I am starting to get really excited, but really anxious at the same time. I keep having these bizarre dreams. Last night for example, I had this dream that I left "Addison" (that was her name in the dream) in her car seat in the trunk of the car overnight. I was in the house and I looked at the clock and realized it was 6 am and I needed to go get her "up". Like it was no big deal that I left her in the TRUNK OVERNIGHT! A few weeks ago I had a dream that we went over to my parents house on a Saturday and just left the baby in the crib because she was asleep. Well we stayed at my parents until about noon when my mom asked, "where's the baby?" Then I responded, "Oh she's fine. We just left her home because she was sleeping." After that we decided to go back to the house and when we got there the baby was dead! How horrible huh? Do you think I have a little anxiety about not knowing how to take care of a baby? Of course I would think that I am smart enough to know that you don't leave your kid in the trunk! I'm sure I will figure it all out, but some days I worry that I won't know what to do. Well I didn't want to post this picture, but for those of you that would like to see me expand right before your eyes:
Be nice, I realize I have tripled in size since my last picture. It's ok though, I like my butt this big ;)


BoyackTidbits said...

Kellie...whatever you're eating...STOP! Those are weird dreams! It's normal to be curious about parenthood...did you leave Sargent when he was a puppy? He made it, didn't he? You'll be great parents.

You'll be surprised how protective and "smart" you become!

She's going to be a little doll!

Happy 2 months to go!!!

Matt and Suzanne said...

Ha Ha! I always had CRAZY pregnant dreams. That's funny. I think you look SO GREAT still!

The Payne Family said...

Oh Kell... you are still really small for how far along you are. You look great!

Those nightmares are so sad! Don't worry though, you will be a great mom!!

Ela and Daniel Asisi said...

Aahhh, I saw you come into work Wednesday and couldn't believe how adorable you looked! Congrats on the baby! I'm so excited for you!

Sarah & Nic said...

Kelly those are crazy dreams! I had crazy dreams when i was pregnant too, but not about Shaylee. It was really bad for me after I had her. I had horrible scary thoughts! Not that i wanted to do them, just if they happened, like if my arms just died while i was holding her and she fell, and even worse things! I thought something was wrong with me, but i think its just the pregnancy hormones. Congrats on making it to 3rd trimester and week 30! The 30's were great for me!!! p.s where you having her? and what's her name?