Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hiking up to Camel's Back

Ever since Brian and I have been married we have talked about hiking the mountain in Herriman by Rose Canyon. I have no idea if it has a name or not, but I like to call it "Camel's Back" because that is what it looks like!

Well last week we finally did it! The hike itself was not very far in distance, but it was straight up. Such a good work out! We stopped halfway up for a quick shot.

On the way up, Sergeant decided to chase after some deer. Usually he is pretty good about coming back when we call him, but when deer are involved, this is not the case. He was gone! It took us probably 20 minutes to get him to come back. When he came back he was all bloody and his pack was ripped up from running through the trees. Stupid dog...
Well after climbing up the boulders, we made it to the top. Such a beautiful view!

Look how small our truck looks from where we were at!

I zoomed in on my camera and found our house!

I was brave and sat on the edge of the cliff. It was pretty scary, but such a great view.

Averie was loving the ride.

On the way back we spotted this:

I was totally freaked out. We couldn't get down the mountain fast enough after seeing the snake skin. Luckily we didn't come across any snakes that were moving.

Well we have almost hiked every possible area around our house. I love this area!

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