Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rockwell Mud O Cross

I am so proud of myself. I finally did a 5 K. I know that it is not much of an accomplishment, but if you knew how much I despise running you would be proud of me too! This wasn't just any 5 K. This was a 5 K with a muddy obstacle course at the end. It was such a blast.
My good friend, Jeanni called me Friday night and asked me to run in the race with her. Everything with Jeanni is a party. We dressed up for the run as Taco Bell Hot Sauces. I know, kinda crazy, but it was so funny.The first two miles of the run were in a dirt field. I was proud that I ran the entire way. Jeanni and I stayed together for most of the run. We definitely were not in the lead, but we weren't dead last either. After the two miles we got to the Obstacle Course. It was intense.If you ever want a good workout, try running through the mud. Well, make that swimming through it!
The trenches were by far the worst. The mud was so sticky. Ehhh.
I cannot tell you how exhausted I was by the end of that race. I am so glad that I finished.Jeanni and I were disappointed that we weren't muddier at the end of the race. We took care of that!What a fun day! If you have never done this kind of race before, you should!! It was an awesome workout and it was a blast!

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Brooke Carroll said...

You are so AWESOME...good for you! P.S. I am jealous that you can wear shorts that short. Heaven knows I WISH I could! LOL!