Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Indecisive Me

So I have the most thoughtful husband. While I write this blog, he is slaving away in the kitchen. He told me that I was not allowed to help with dinner tonight and I had to leave the kitchen immediately. Ok....well now what do I do? After sitting quietly on the couch for a few minutes watching him work, I decided that I would try to look "busy" on the computer:) I will tell you all how indecisive I am. Yesterday my mom called me to tell me that there was a dining table at Smiths for 300 dollars. Now we don't really need a table, but this one was so cute and cheap. I called Brian for permission, and after he said it was ok, I swiped my credit card and had a brand new table. Yay!! Right? Nope, I started to put it together today and decided that it just wasn't the table for me. Ha ha. I can't believe myself. I compared the chairs to the ones we already have and realized that they were pretty much the exact height. I really wanted to get a counter height square table. I guess I didn't realize how short the table was until I got it home. (Since there wasn't a counter to compare it to in the store). Much to my dismay, I had to repack the box that everything came in. Of course I wasn't very careful when I was taking it apart, so it was like piecing a puzzle back together again. Well it is finally back in the box and now I have to figure out a way to return this 154 pound mistake!! Oh I was going to post pictures of the two tables, but my battery just died. Perfect timing! I will post pictures when I get the table I really want.

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sarah said...

ha! that's hilarious!! i hope dinner was good!! i'm at a frisbee tournament in park city all weekend... man... we suck at being friends!!